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It came as little surprise to anyone that Apollo was present for flying class. Although unlike some of his peers, he'd probably have shown up even if it was snowing or pouring rain. But that was the difference between someone vying for a spot on a professional team versus someone who just took flying because it was mandatory. Speaking of which, he ought to speak with Escalante about that and if he had any words of advice since Apollo was pretty sure he'd been through the rigorous tryouts before.

"Good afternoon, Professor," he greeted, as he took note of the buzzing sound and overhearing Giselle's question. "Bludgers don't buzz like that. It's probably some sort of flying pest. Although could be keys charmed to fly..." He considered as he recalled from his history text of when the philosopher's stone was at Hogwarts, before it was destroyed and the various protection charms in place.
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