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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Jude was grinning so broadly. SO broadly and goofily as Keighley stared at him. He could see the wheels turning in that head of hers and knew it would be before long that she figured it out. Of course she wouldn’t be annoyed about it, much less annoyed so when her giggle came, Jude joined her by laughing. “It is very fair,’’ he remarked with the pompous air of someone who had won a prestigious competition.

Jude may be instinctively protective but if push came to shove, he knew that Keigh was quite capable of holding her own. As for them working as a team, she was number one on the list of persons whom he could get things accomplished with. Thank you, mom and dad, for giving him a sister like Keighey! Muttering incantation, Jude got the pillows set up and the blankets arranged perfectly.

“One Keighley-Jude Fort!’’ he announced. Another incantation had the snacks zooming over to them where they stacked themselves nicely within arm’s reach.
That broad grin and goofy look on her big brothers face didn't help one bit. Nope, not at all. It only made her laugh all the more. "Shhh, it is not. You're making things up now so you can win." Keighley's smile was bright through her laughter so it was obvious that she was only messing about and none of what she was saying was serious. That was how it was between them, they knew how to have the best time together but they also knew when to have each others backs too.

Protectiveness was something Keigh was used to. Not only from Jude but from all of their family. Being the youngest in their immediate family meant that everyone looked out for her and if she was being truthful about it, she didn't mind it at all. If she couldn't trust them all to help her when she needed it, then who could she trust?

Keigh did her best to keep the pillows still while Jude worked his magic on their fort. "Yesssssss! Now.. we eat!" Sorry but this girl was hungry after eyeing up all of those yummy snacks for so long!
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