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Originally Posted by SarcasticStrawberry View Post

If Dahlia was being honest with herself she was actually really homesick for England, which was the real reason she wanted to come home. She didn’t know if she wanted to reconnect with family yet. Possibly not that side of her family. There were always the McCarthy’s, though she had not talked to Chloe in a while. Since meeting them she had considered Chloe more of a sister than a cousin. Anyway. She had completely forgotten about him living on his grandparents farm. ”Oh, how are they?” She asked, not ever meeting them before she didn’t know if something had happened to them. She always asked people who had grandparents how they were. Her only grandpa she knew had been gone nearly ten years now. She was close to him, and missed him alot. One of the reasons why she left London in the first place.

She smiled back, ”Thanks that’s so sweet of you to say.” Even though she was sure she hadn’t stopped smiling since she had first seen him. Or blush… all the blushing between the two of them. If someone else had been around them trying to decide on a Shrivelfig or a Bouncing Bulb they probably would have turned around and said kiss already, like people do when watching a movie and it's obvious that the main characters like each other. She bit her lip, still keeping her eyes on him. You know what she was just going to say it. They were both adults now so she might as well. Maybe he didn't realize her crush on him back then.If something came of it, good, if not that was okay too. She didn’t even know if he was seeing anyone, he could have been married for all she knew. ”You know Patrick, I had the biggest crush on you when we were at Hogwarts.” If it was possible for her to beblushing even more she most differently was.
He could understand being homesick, he had felt it often when he was in university. He could slip away from the University to his grandparents farm for a quick weekend, but he missed his friends and his parents and his brothers. But it was also one of those things where he wanted to be able to stand on his own and show to his family that he could do this. He supposed that he was doing that to an extent considering that he was now at the ministry, had his own flat and everything. He smiled, [b]"Grandma is doing well, my grandpa got sick my last year of university. Don't feel bad, you didn't know I didn't tell many people." he always felt pressured to say that because his grandpa had always wanted to just go peacefully with no fanfare and his family had just done that.

He smiled wide, "I'm sure it's still the truth." He was always honest and he was not going to change that but he liked hearing that she thought he was being sweet. He nearly felt his jaw unhinge at hearing she had a true and proper crush on him at Hogwarts. She didn't say she still had a crush on him, did that mean it was in the past and she didn't feel anything anymore? Cause while he may have missed it at Hogwarts he did not want to miss such an opportunity now. He felt his cheeks redden before he finally found his voice. "I actually didn't know, but you said had, does that mean...." Way to chicken out, he couldn't even say it cause he had been on the verge of asking her for a coffee so they could truly catch up. Taking a deep breath, "No crush or anything now?" He couldn't bring himself to make eye contact with her because he would feel like such an idiot if she didn't feel the same way.
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