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Text Cut: Aria
Originally Posted by Granger Danger View Post
Aria wasn't popular by any means during their Hogwarts years but she had a small group of friends that she had and that was good enough for her. None of the guys at Hogwarts were ever interested in her, nor did she have any interest in the popular ones. She couldn't help but not to wonder what happened to the popular kids ag Hogwarts, did they make something out of them or were they working in a cafe flipping burgers. Some of them weren't very friendly so she'll like to thank karma for that.
Although she had crushes, they never went more then silly school girl crushes but now things were different.

Aria was still shy when it came to talking to boys, even through all the books she read she still was a blabbering mess. Even with Gabriel she was a blabbering mess, oh Merlin how did she change this about herself? People say she too bubbly and too much of a ray of sunshine, but she just tried to see the good in everything. It was to have a sense of familiarity around, it was good to talk to someone she knew.

Blushing more redder then she ever has before, she bit her lip fiddling more with her hands a habit she did when she was nervous or a blushing mess like she was now. She was afraid of looking at him now, but she had to get off her chest. "Gabe... I really liked you back at Hogwarts, I thought it was a silly school girl crush, but seeing you now it's coming back. I..I know you probably don't feel the same but had to tell you." Oh Merlin, she didn't know how this was going to go but now she wanted to run.

Aria didn't think so, she still didn't know what she wanted to do and was almost done with her yearly studies before the summer started. Biting her lip she nodded. [B]"That's a wonderful idea Gabe, that way I'll have both of them under my belt!" Looking at him she smiled softly at him. "Hey we still got time, we just graduated not to long ago."
Gabriel was not the bubbly ray of sunshine that Aria was. Much of that likely stemmed from him hiding in his turtle shell unless he was around people he was comfortable with. It was something that he was, slowly but surely, improving on. At the very least he could participate in basic conversation with just about anyone. Whether or not awkwardness would be present was a different matter.

Right now he was certainly feeling awkward. The colour of his face said it all. Of course, he was more embarrassed about himself rather than the words that were coming out of Aria's mouth. He was still trying to move past the whole a beard 'would hide too much of that cute face' thing. Was he cute? He hadn't heard anyone, beside his mother when he was much younger, say that about him.

"Uhh ..." The interjection was repeated multiple times in response to Aria's sudden revelation. Gabe's face, if it wasn't red before, was certainly red now. Again, the words Aria weren't embarrassing him. In fact, the fact that he had no clue how to respond to her was causing him to retreat into his turtle shell. "Sorry. ... Uhh ... No one's ever ... Uhh ... Thanks?"

Nods were given in response to the university talk. It was true, they were practically roaming through the halls of Hogwarts only a few months ago. There was time to figure out the rest of his life. If only the same could be said about not getting flustered when someone said they liked you.

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