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SPOILER!!: Bry! <3
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Bryony was very much aware of her boyiefwiend's newfound love of paperclips and had come to collect them herself. Not for her. For him. That way whenever she was with him she had several at least to hand over. It was sort of like her way of saying "Thanks for dealing with me today".

The tug on her sleeve had sparkling blue eyes turning towards him, her sweet smile growing when she knew what was about to happen. Bry didn't need Ary to talk to her, all she ever really needed from him was a look or touch and she understood. They were simply that close. So when the YOUNGER (yes, Ary she was still ALWAYS going to be older than him!) boy took off running, the smaller but OLDER blonder was right on his heels and catching up fast!

‘Thanks for dealing with Bry’ presents? Ary would happily take the paperclips from her whenever he ran low but despite him being so young, he understood that Bry’s gift could also mean something else. It could also be a bribe for him to give into being her boyiefwiend or a bribe for him to put up with more of her ninja warrior training. He was onto you, Bryony!

Ary knew Bry was right behind him. For one thing, she usually followed him around and for another, the little boy could hear her face paced footsteps. It was obvious as always, just who was the more athletic of the two. Okay, fine. Ary wasn’t at all athletic inclined so running usually ended with him being winded. This time was no exception as he came to a halt at one of the bins.

Whatever was in there?

Did Bry want to help him dig through the junk? After he stopped puffing, of course
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