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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

The entire invisibility thing gave Jude an idea for a new argument to his case. “Okay, so basically you admit the halo’s there but invisible. That works too!’’ As long as Keigh knew it was there, then he was good. The case was won on his part. Cue a bit of sniggering from him. “I’ll let you have that one then!” He lifted the palms of his hands up to concede defeat.

Once a big brother, always a big brother, Keigh! Jude couldn’t help it if he tried to make you do all the easy stuff. It was his natural instinct. While the sunshiney girl did her thing, Jude worked on magicking pillows so that he had them waiting while Keigh got some levitated. He couldn’t help but admire all the colours.

Such prettiness!
Now.. it may have taken Keigh a minute to realize what had just happened there for all she did was stare at Jude. Stare at him until it clicked into her head that she had put her own foot in her mouth and literally handed over a win to this battle. One, two blinks of her bright blue eyes before she burst into a fit of giggles. "Okay, that's not even fair!" Her smile was huge beneath all of the laughter that she didn't even pay attention to the fact that he had given up.

Yes, yes, she knew. Like how she would always be the baby sister. Which naturally meant Jude was her protector and he let her do nothing that was difficult. They always made a great team though, lookit them getting things done! This was going to be a fantastic blanket/pillow fort! All of the colors and fluffiness of the pillows was already making her so happy!
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