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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

“Right,’’ Hunter agreed. Zion rocking on his heels concerned Hunter. Was the cousin nervous about something? Was anxiety the issue? “You’re welcome. But it’s all true, you know.” Hunter wasn’t just saying that Zion was the best because he was trying to be nice. Hunter found himself glancing from Zion to Willow and back. Did either of them register the fact that they were rocking?

The girl didn’t seem put off by the cousins’ respective demeanor which was something. Though, if you asked Hunter, Willow could hardly be the last person to judge given the fact that she was barefoot. And wiggling toes at them in greeting as opposed to wiggling her fingers. The girl was strange but she seemed okay. “Nice to meet you as well, Willow.”

He shot Zion a quizzical gaze. “Not at Ilvermorny,’’ Hunter remarked, quite sure of his words. There was no way he missed that weird memo. Back to Willow. “Um, thanks? I’ll pass. So. What variety of plants does this School have, anyway? Z and I would like to check them out. Care to show us since you seem to be familiar with them already.”
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