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Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Oli let out a sigh of relief when the girl said his name, meaning his instinct had been correct. "Ivy," he added, smiling a little wider in response. "Hi." Knowing that, not only had he been right that this was Florrie's and Misa's friend, but that she remembered him was a great feeling, a little warm bubble in his chest. Though he didn't mind, he often felt like a side character in his sisters life, and it was reassuring to know he's made any impact, however small.

"Business management," Olivier said, closing another book. "This module is International Trade." And whilst it was really interesting, the amount of work he was doing for it was... Well, a lot was an understatement. "Would you like to sit?" As he spoke, he started tidying away some of his things to make room, before the second thought entered his mind, "If you want, if you're not... meeting someone or - I mean, you can just not want to." He let out the last in a bit of a rush, cheeks pinking at the fact he'd assumed she'd even want to.
It was a pleasant surprise that he remembered her name as well. Either he was good at memorizing names too, or perhaps Florrie or Misa had mentioned her before (or, of course, it could be both). It was something Ivy wondered about sometimes, what her friends and others might say about her when she wasn't around. An idle curiosity rather than a real concern. It was interesting to know what people thought about others, especially oneself.

Business management? It was not a program that she had considered among her options when she was applying to university, but that didn't mean it couldn't be an interesting field of study. And then he was inviting her to sit, though he seemed to be second guessing it immediately. Though she did have a couple of writing assignments to complete, the due dates were still a few days away, so Ivy saw no need to pass up an opportunity to talk with him. "I'd love to," she replied, her smile warm. "Thanks." She slipped into the seat across from him, setting her coffee cup down carefully so it wasn't too close to his books. With a quick nod toward them, she asked, "How are you enjoying it so far?"
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