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Originally Posted by Toddles View Post
Missus Anders was the nicest of Hufflepuffs. Toddles nodded vigorously again. No bother. No bother at all. “Garlic bread!’’ Toddles declared loudly. “Perhaps a hot beverage to go along with it? Whatever Missus liked. Whatever Master Paton liked too. “Chicken sandwich? Cheese sandwich?” Enormous green eyes peered at Master Paton. “Turkey and ham?” Toddles knew Master Paton had an enormous appetite. It was best to make him two of whatever sandwich was chosen.
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Keighley really didn't have any problems with making Logan and herself something to eat but there wasn't any need for her to be doing that. Which she didn't mind at all at the insistence of the house elf. "Thank you, Toddles. Garlic bread would be lovely.. and perhaps a cup of hot cocoa?" Even she couldn't deny that Toddles made the very best garlic bread and as for hot cocoa it was her absolute favorite drink. Was it possible to drink it all day? No, that might not be the best idea.. surely it would start to upset her stomach after awhile.

The talk of sandwiches remained. "If you're asking Logan's opinion, Toddles, he might want all of those," Keigh laughed jokingly. She also knew of her cousins very large appetite. "Turkey and cheese is always a really nice combination though." Just a suggestion!
All that was on his mind right now was food, which really was starting to make his stomach rumble even though he had eaten breakfast a few hours ago. What could he say? All of the learning he was doing really made him hungry, and there was no way he was going to make it through another class -- Merlin, what class was next? Was it his mum's? -- before lunch. Or was the insane amount of eating a sign of another growth spurt? Perhaps it was a bit of both.

When Toddles rattled off all the options, the Gryffindor thought all of them sounded excellent. The garlic bread was a must, considering it was the elf's specialty. His cousin's suggestion of hot cocoa was not a surprise to him, but that actually did sound quite nice with it being the winter season. As for the sandwiches, how in the world was he supposed to choose?

"She's not wrong," he agreed to Keigh's statement about him wanting all of the sandwiches that had been mentioned. "Club sandwiches were mentioned outside, but I'll take what she's having." Logan grinned. When it came to food, he was not picky at all. "And I'll take some to-go for later. Those can be whatever you'd like, Toddles. It'll be a nice surprise."

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