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Gabe nodded in response to her doing well and needing a break from studying. In many ways, he was in the same boat as her -- whoever said there wouldn't be homework after Hogwarts was full of it. As for the available seat next to her, he didn't need to be told twice and scooted on over.

Maybe the staring would have been a little weirder had he known Aria once had a crush on him. Nevertheless, he did still find the staring weird. The former Hufflepuff wasn't really one to draw much attention to himself. He preferred to lay low and chill. But he supposed the facial hair was a bit different for someone like him who had made it a point to stay clean-shaven.

"Thanks. You look nice too," he said, certain that his cheeks were starting to turn a shade of pink. Too busy himself, he took a bit of his sandwich. "You know, without a beard." Another nervous little chuckle sounded.

As he chewed, Gabriel listened to Aria continue on with why she was in the alley and what she was studying, or at least considering. Her not knowing what to focus on or what career to work toward was yet another similarity the two shared. He hadn't the foggiest what he wanted to do with his life. "Hmm," he mused, taking the opportunity to swallow the bite of his sandwich. "Have you considered Potions? Kinda a blend of both worlds and then some." Besides the whole brewing thing, one needed to know the ingredients, which often came from creatures and plants. Interacting with both directly was likely too, and he assumed she'd want to make sure things were being collected humanely.

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