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Perhaps she should consider having more meals throughout the day. Lots of little meals. It would give her even more of a reason to visit to the kitchen. Not that she really needed that.

The eyebrow raise earned a smile from her. What? She was the nice one of the bunch. If preparing some sandwiches herself helped gave the house elves one less thing to do she considered that a win. Also it meant that Logan wouldn't be making a mess. If the house elves wanted to tend to them, she wouldn't say no but she was simply trying to be helpful.

"Yeah, I know." Her cousin would probably eat a plate of rocks if it was set in front of him. Well maybe not but the point was there. "Uhhhhh-huh, I'll see what I can do." Keigh was already looking around the kitchen to see what she could find.

Her search didn't last very long for barely had she gotten anywhere then a house elf was at her side, one she knew right away. "Hello, Toddles. If you're sure it's not bother... we were hoping to get a quick snack. Whatever you like is perfectly fine." She smiled warmly. Sandwiches, cookies, garlic bread. It all sounded wonderful to her!
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Maybe he would have eaten a plate of rocks, if he was absolutely starving of course. Otherwise, he wouldn't -- believe it or not, Logan had standards. Usually. But in his mind, food was food; he'd give everything a taste at the very least before determining if it was worthy of travelling down to his stomach.

A club sandwich was at the forefront of his mind since Keighley had so graciously offered to make one for him. The Gryffindor was interested to see what she would do with it. Would she stick to the standard ingredients, or would she, like he would if he were making his own, improvise and add more ingredients than were needed? Only time would tell.

Did someone say garlic bread? Hearing a very different voice, Logan quickly looked down to take in the sight of the floppy-eared house-elf. A friendly smile was given to the little creature, pleased to see that he was there rather than a certain other elf. "I can never say no to your garlic bread, Toddles," the boy told him. He wondered if a sanchwich could be made with it...

And the blond still wanted that club sandwich. He'd save it for later.
Missus Anders was the nicest of Hufflepuffs. Toddles nodded vigorously again. No bother. No bother at all. “Garlic bread!’’ Toddles declared loudly. “Perhaps a hot beverage to go along with it? Whatever Missus liked. Whatever Master Paton liked too. “Chicken sandwich? Cheese sandwich?” Enormous green eyes peered at Master Paton. “Turkey and ham?” Toddles knew Master Paton had an enormous appetite. It was best to make him two of whatever sandwich was chosen.
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Sophia continued eyeing the older student, wondering why he was so grumpy if the food really was that good. Only when Toddles return with stew and bread did she look away, beaming at the elf. "Thank you, Toddles," she said. "You don't have to call me missus, either, Sophia is just fine." She wasn't sure if that was usual for the elves, but if the older student said that Toddles didn't have to call him Master, the same went for her.

Scooting closer to the dishes, she took a big sniff. It smelled fantastic. She took a small scoop of stew, blowing gently on it in case it was still hot from the cauldron. She closed her eyes and sighed happily. "It tastes even better than my big sister's cooking!" she said. In her opinion, that was the best compliment one could give a cook. Carefully (she didn't want to burn her mouth), she ate some more stew.
“Sophia.” Little Toddles tried out the name. It was unusual that Toddles called anyone by their name. It wasn’t unheard of though. Toddles smile a wide and toothy grin. “Sophia is welcome!” It was with anticipation that Toddles hovered as Sophia tried out the food. “Toddles is happy that you do! There’s plenty more where that came from. Don’t be shy to let Toddles know if you need more.”
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