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SPOILER!!: Mercer! <3
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
If Mitsuki said that he couldn't get tetanus from a dirty cucumber, then she was probably right, but Mercer was still going to sacrifice it to the greater good anyway. It had all that good extra floor protein on it, it was already carved, plus it had that bloody thumbprint for flavor. Honestly, it had been really silly of Mitsuki to suggest eating it in the first place.

The spare, however, that was for snacking, and he would happily take it.

Those creepy hands were reaching for them already, and Mercer stuck out a pointer finger at the fake!kappa while Mitsuki chucked her cucumber. "Hey. Don't touch her, okay? Even if you're fake, she doesn't like being touched without permission." No one did, actually. That was just rude. He was startled as her cucumber made a direct hit, as was the fake!kappa, apparently. "Wait, what prize did we win?"

The Kappa didn’t care about being rude; it just wanted to drink human blood! You, little human boy, would be first!! Just as soon… as soon as it grabbed this cucumber. Webbed fingers began groping atop its head until… AH HAH!! A tasty treat!!!! The Kappa began to nibble daintily at one edge of the vegetable.

SPOILER!!: Bella! <3
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Yikes! Bella shouldn't have bowed it seemed to enrage the fake kappa which was exactly what she didn't want to happen. Gulping, she stood motionless for a few minutes watching the kappa as it started to move towards her with outstretched arms. Scary, but don't panic Bella told herself as she took a better grip on her wand, and her signed cucumber. It was better to act then to stay here and get attacked wasn't it?

Professor K was here watching if things went south for her or one of the other students so Bella took a breath, and then lunged forwards tossing her cucumber as she ran towards the other side, aiming for the kappas head hoping the impact the cucumber maked would distract the kappa from her escape.

It was almost to the girl when the human pelted him. The object bounced off the side of its head, something which angered the Kappa even further. In turn, it let out a shriek/growl that would make any adult jump out of their skin. It could see Bella making her escape and started after her. If not for the cucumber it stepped on then she would have been a goner. But it was distracted now, cucumber in hand. It was staring at the name as though mesmerised by the penmanship.

SPOILER!!: Brandon & Vera! <3
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Uh... Brandon blinked at the riddle. Or joke. "That's very smart of it." Maybe he should have guessed that one, having a computer company CEO for a father. But he was sort of busy right now? The kappa was eating the cucumbers with his name on them. And staring at the one with her name on them. Did the cucumbers lose effect when eaten? Brandon was worried. "Flipendo," he murmured, shooting a decent knockback jinx at the kappa. He hoped for the water to spill out... or at least for it to get knocked away so he and Vera could escape.

Defending against these things was way harder than it sounded! Luckily, Brandon wasn't much of an underestimater.
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Oh. Was that why cucumbers worked on the creature? Because it was a snack? But why did the inscribed name work?? She suddenly had a ton more questions but considering the kappa seemed distracted, maybe that was their cue to skedaddle. Which was what she was going to tell Brandon when he sent a knock back jinx and she waited with bated breath. "We should maybe considering running as soon as possible." she mentioned to her companion, assuming that was the best way to successfully do the escaping bit.

The inscribed name worked as a protection for the person’s name etched on the cucumber. So if the Kappa ate your cucumber then congrats! You were safe! But what if you were with company? What if the Kappa never ate the other cucumbers with said company’s name? It was best to do exactly what this duo did: distract the Kappa then strike it with a spell. It was knocked off its feet, an act that sent it rolling like a tumbleweed twice. In the process, the water spilt from its head. The Kappa laid on its middle completely still and weak.

Well done!

SPOILER!!: Desiree! <3
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Desiree watched the fake kappa with a mixture of intrigue and apprehension. What would it do next? She gripped her wand, poised to react at any moment, but she relaxed slightly as she saw the kappa chewing away. She couldn't believe that actually worked! She half-expected the kappa would instantly recognize the cucumber she gave it as fake. Maybe fake kappas preferred fake cucumbers, who knew?

She had to admit the kappa looked kind of cute when it was eating… well, as cute as a big scary replica could be! It made her feel a bit guilty for tricking it and even guiltily for what she was about to do. It's not real, she had to remind herself. And if it was, it wouldn't hesitate to hurt you!

While the kappa was busy chewing, Desiree aimed her wand at the dent in its head. "Tergeo," she cast, keeping her eyes on the fake kappa all the while. Did her spell work? If it didn't, she still had the real cucumber to give. Though she'd probably give it to the kappa anyway as a peace offering/consolation prize!

The Kappa truly believed this to be a real cucumber. It was perfectly happy and content with its fake. Though… it was still hungry. Another of the vegetables would be exactly what it nee - weak. The Kappa was suddenly feeling drained. Literally. The remainder of the fake cucumber dropped to the floor just as the Kappa dropped to its knees. With a dramatic yowl, it flopped onto its back, its fingers feebly moving at its side.


SPOILER!!: Hope! <3
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Hope was a good carver, but was excited to try the magical method. "Scri-bere!" she uttered, one, two, three...five times, and was excited to see the letters of her name slowly form on her cucumber--HOPE.

Then she paused. For the first time in her life, she was disappointed that she had been given her mother's maiden name for a middle name, because there were so many letters in 'Merriweather'! Laboriously she carved letter after letter--this was not so fun after a while, when the novelty had worn off. Then finally the last (which also was longer than it could have been), and eventually, finally, ARCHARD joined the other two names on her cucumber. "Whew! I almost ran out of cucumber!" she exclaimed to herself, not realizing that she had spoken out loud.

On approaching the kappas, Hope tried to pick the smallest one available, hoping it wouldn't be too strong for her. Even though her mind knew that these were fake kappas, her gut was reacting with fight or flight syndrome as if they were real (they did look very fierce). "Here, kappa!" she called out to the creature in front of her, as she bowed and backed away from it at the same time. Because the shield charm was the only one she'd mastered so far, so she wanted as much distance between her and the kappa as possible. Besides Protego, the only other plan she'd come up with was running away, which might be difficult in this crowded space.

Hope had pretty good aim usually, but she was under stress, so her cucumber flew straight at the kappas's head, travelling along with a lot more force than she'd intended.

Luckily Hope managed to make her name fit. After all, the more effective this will be should the Kappa choose to eat it. With the green vegetable lobbed at it, the Kappa took a moment to pause, and with the accuracy of a wicketkeeper in the game of cricket, caught the cucumber. HOWZAH!!! It was distracted now; this meant this was the perfect moment to cast your spell.

Dhruv straightened up, hooking their shades back onto their shirt in the process. As much as they were enjoying the activity, the time for the lesson was up. With some hand movements, the Kappa replicas came to an abrupt and eerie stillness, exactly in the positions they were currently in as though frozen in time. “That’s all for today, class. I must say, many of you displayed great use of initiative and strategy regardless if you worked in teams or not. When faced with such situations in the real world, it is imperative that you keep your focus so that you can come up with a game plan.

“You may retrieve your belongings. There will be no homework from this lesson.”
It was a treat from them, if you will, for impeccable work done today. To answer Mercer’s earlier question… “Be sure to retrieve one of these keychains from my desk.” They held up one of the Kappa shaped keychains which was the prize they had mentioned earlier. Dhruv had always intended on giving each student one regardless if they had written the right creature name down at the start of the lesson. “They’re charmed to detect Kappa presence within a twenty feet radius. When it does, it will light up and vibrate to get your attention.” Which explained why the one they were holding, and all the others sitting on their desk were doing just that: it was because of Gherkin’s presence after all. “Don’t forget to say goodbye to our friend Gherkin before departing."

Gherkin, who was now swimming lazily in his tank, clearly bored.

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