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A smile appeared on his face, a bit relieved that he hadn't mistaken someone for an old classmate. That would have been incredibly awkward, which likely would have resulted in him bolting out the door in embarrassment. Thank Merlin the situation had panned out more favourably. "Hi. I'm doing well. Yourself?" Gabe answered casually. He then glanced at the seat next to her. "Anyone claim that seat there?"

Aria having a crush on him in the past was something he has unaware of. In fact, a fair amount of his days at Hogwarts were spent learning how to hold a basic conversation with girls. He had improved with that the past few years, though he was still awful at noticing the signs that someone fancied him.

The way she was now looking at him, as if she her analyzing him, did unintentionally make him feel a little weird. "Yeah, thought I'd give it a go. Mainly to see if I can even grow a beard," Gabriel responded with a slightly awkward laugh.

He let Aria's rambling continue and waited for her to be finished. He knew that she was a bit of a chatterbox, which he didn't mind at all as it kept the conversation going. "Mainly here for lunch. Might do a little shopping before class starts in a couple of hours," he told her before taking a sip of espresso. "I know what you mean. You're at WU London, right? What are you studying?"

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