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Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
He had mixed feelings about no longer being at Hogwarts. It hadn't taken long for him to realize how much he missed the castle and seeing friends on a daily basis. Life had been so simple then. University life was welcomed nevertheless. It meant he wasn't restricted by hundreds of rules, spending all day in classes, or being watched like a hawk by professors. There was a lot of freedom now. Though perhaps there was too much freedom because he still had no clue what he was going to do with his life.

Such thoughts were on Gabriel Diggle's mind as he stepped inside the café. He figured he'd mull over possible majors and career paths over a cup of coffee and enjoy a bite to eat. He'd maybe do a little Christmas shopping after to keep him busy until it was time to head back to the university.

After receiving his order, an espresso and a ham and chimera-spiced chutney sandwich, Gabe meandered over to the window, took an available seat, and unwrapped his sandwich. His brown eyes watching the snow fall and people pass by as he took a bite. Eventually he did a double take, seeing the reflection of a familiar face. He turned his head to the side, taking in the sight of the former housemate sitting a few spots down. "Aria?"

Hearing a familiar voice she haven't heard in awhile, she turned to the voice and smiled. "Gabe? Oh my goodness hi! How are you?" Wow... it been awhile since she saw him, man did time change things. She did have to admit she did have a small crush on him when they were at Hogwarts, funny enough the feelings were coming back. Although he was probably happily taken by someone beautiful and deserved someone like him, she didn't feel she was that type. Her emerald green eyes looking at him she bit her lip, he sure gotten taller and more of a scruff going on that she didn't mind one bit.

"Well... well, going a little manily scruff going on now are we?" Giving a little chuckle she took a small bit of her chocolate croissant. "Doing some shopping or just getting away from the school life? I'm doing a bit of both." Sighing to herself she looked at him. [B]"Weird not being at Hogwarts, it was like a security blanket for me and now, being in the real world as a adult with so many responsibilities just wish to be a kid again."[b/] Was she rambling? Yeah... probably but anyone that knew her knew she was a bubbly ray of sunshine as most people called her and didn't shut up.
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