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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Brandon Fox
Second Year
Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

Brandon was not an artist. Well, at least he had never been told he was an artist. Except for by his sister, who was under the impression that everyone was an artist and therefore didn't count. But he didn't really want to come up with his own spells, at least not out loud. He did have a few spells he'd thought could be modified for a healing purpose... but that was all just in his imagination so far. He decided to stick to the first option, which seemed like he'd be okay at.

He started with protego maxima, his answer to the previous question. So... protego meant to protect. It was a physical shield. But Brandon was thinking along a somewhat different line as he drew what he thought 'maximum protection' looked like. He drew a rough version of himself, obvious by the blond hair and neat clothes. Then there were more not-very-well-drawn-but-looked-like-people people- a sad girl with long, dark hair, a tired woman, a little kid clinging to her leg, Xander and Evy (his best friends), a ghost woman who looked like him, his cat, and his dog. All of them were surrounding him, some with hugs, and some of them were chasing away streaks of blue and purple. That's what Brandon thought Maximum Protection was. It looked a lot better in his head... still, he wrote PROTEGO MAXIMA underneath it and then Brandon Fox. There, it was done.

But now he was inspired to create more, and felt his mind wander to healing spells, his main interest. Vulnera Sanentur was a good example of a spell with strong Latin roots. May the wounds be healed, or wounds are healed, or something along those lines. Wound healing. And the spell should be cast three times. First, he drew a big box of band-aids. BAND-AID, they were labeled. Next there was a little healing kit, with bruise cream and scar cream and bandages. Then there was a blood-replenishing potion and bandages and a bed. His thought behind it was that there were three or so types of physical wounds that needed to be healed: little ones, medium ones, and REALLY BIG SCARY ONES. And when casting vulnera sanentur, the three castings were to save someone from dying, clean and repair the wounds, and properly repair the wounds. He figured for a smaller (but still medium at least, it was a strong spell for the scariest injuries) injury, the spell probably wouldn't need as many castings. VULNERA SANENTUR. Brandon Fox.

Brandon was more than a little obsessed with healing, so he then thought about more healing spells he knew of. But then he saw mobilicorpus and the next thing he knew, he was drawing that. And the next thing he knew after that, he had more than a few drawings amassed in from of him and he didn't quite remember making this many!!! He didn't think they were very good and this was very tiring. But he didn't feel bad about making them, so he just kept drawing and drifting off into his own little undisturbed world.
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