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Gilly could tell immediately from the look on his face that he had succeeded in letting her stoic guard down. If she had a wand of her own and was allowed to do magic, a hex might have been cast. Drake, fortunately, was safe. This was primarily because he was her twin and she would never do such a thing to her family. Everyone else, though, would have been fair game.

So she settled for a quick removal of that smile and rolled her eyes before allowing her brain to think about the mechanics of how the fireworks worked in addition to plans for Christmas Day. Was she going to ask that employee about the fireworks? No. She preferred not to speak with most people if she could get away with it. So she was going to let the man be.

But, of course, as she was about to respond to all of the things Drake said about Christmas breakfast and other holiday activities they could do with their mum, the man she had pointed out moments before was speaking to them. She was willing to bet some galleons that the man thought they were up to something.

"We're just looking," Gilly told him, her response short and to the point. She briefly thought about telling him they were browsing around while their mum shopped elsewhere in the alley, but that seemed unnecessary to her. As for the mention of Headless Hats, she forced herself to not roll her eyes. Why would someone want to be headless? Such a question she didn't ask. In her mind, there was a more important question to ask. "What book were you reading?"

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