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Standing silently behind Brandon Fox, Mitsuki folded her hands one over the other across her stomach and settled in to simply listen though it did not mean she was not also thinking. Namely she was searching her knowledge for an example that correlated with the apparent theme of today's activity[, which did not take too long to settle on a bit of Latin that was applicable to several charms in her personal artistic arsenal. So it was that, after a bit of listening, Mitsuki raised her hand to offer up further suggestion.

"There are numerous charms that have incantations that are derived from the Latin word colōrem. Such spells include Colorus Fulgeo, Colorus Revolvo, and Colovaria. Colorus Fulgeo creates a flashing effect between colors as is indicated by the Latin for to flash or to blaze. Revolvo, the Latin for to revolve or unroll, creates a spell that has colors to shift between colors in a less dramatic fashion. Colovaria is the combination of colōrem and variāre, Latin words for color and vary respectively, and it a spell to modify the color of an object without any additional color shifting like the other two charms I mentioned."

Perhaps the most Mitsuki had ever spoken in class but it was in the sweet spot of her interests. Art was a means of self expression, after all.

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