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Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
When the elf came over, Tommy swallowed what he was chewing and tried his best not to roll his eyes. "Don't call me master," he said first, with a small shake of his head. "The food is really good." He meant it, too, even if he sounded as annoyed as he looked when he spoke. "Really good," he added, before taking a big spoonful - which he had to swallow even though it was too hot, just to make his point.

Now his throat hurt, and he was even more annoyed. Annoyed at the elf, and annoyed at himself for wanting to reassure the elf. Mentally shaking himself, he focused on the food, glancing in the younger kids direction as she looked at him.
Originally Posted by Toddles View Post
Toddles observed Tommy through wide eyes. “Toddles is sorry, Ma-. Toddles is sorry.” He just wanted to please the studentsies. Even though Toddles was down his face broke into a toothy smile. “There is much more!’’ Toddles point in the direction of a large cauldron with a thin finger. This was his way of letting studentsie he was welcome to have all the stew he needed.

Toddles was only happy to help Sophia. He zoomed away with a happy little squeak. A short while later Toddles was back holding not one but two dishes. “Stew for the Missus. Garlic bread for the Missus.” With that toothy smile in place the dishes were placed on a table for her. “Toddles make the garlic bread himself!”
Sophia continued eyeing the older student, wondering why he was so grumpy if the food really was that good. Only when Toddles return with stew and bread did she look away, beaming at the elf. "Thank you, Toddles," she said. "You don't have to call me missus, either, Sophia is just fine." She wasn't sure if that was usual for the elves, but if the older student said that Toddles didn't have to call him Master, the same went for her.

Scooting closer to the dishes, she took a big sniff. It smelled fantastic. She took a small scoop of stew, blowing gently on it in case it was still hot from the cauldron. She closed her eyes and sighed happily. "It tastes even better than my big sister's cooking!" she said. In her opinion, that was the best compliment one could give a cook. Carefully (she didn't want to burn her mouth), she ate some more stew.
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