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Chaos was rather the norm around the house, but the fact their father hadn’t trusted the older kids to rein it in for Mum’s birthday was definitely rude.

Even if it was rather obvious from Logan’s shove directed at Bry and the littlest Paton’s reaction to said shove that they were barely managing it, Melody having taken her place with the group seconds before their parents had arrived. But still, a little faith was welcome, as the confetti cannons bursting woke Circe up and the snake hissed softly before curling back up around her mistress’ neck, Melody herself had held back from bombarding Mum with hugs and whatnot, just because she had better things in mind. It was nearly as good as a hug, anyhow.

Namely, slipping away from the lineup to start the playlist that she’d carefully curated for Mum and the party. Which of course included some of the songs from when Mum played herself, with the Sirens. Because she was absolutely not going to neglect that part of Mum’s history. In fact, she may have learned how to play a few of the songs, but for now the playlist would do.

And going over to see the cake that Nova was urging Mum to come see.
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