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Brandon Fox
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Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

Brandon thought that Mouse reminded him of his sister, with her idea of getting her clothes 'artistic'. He supposed it would look quite pretty, although he didn't really get why anyone would ruin a perfectly good white outfit. But artists were just like that sometimes, and he liked artists.

He smiled at the question about Latin spell roots- actually, he didn't smile at all, or make any face. He had a complicated relationship with Latin lessons. But he at least felt like he was prepared to answer, which made him smile on the inside a little. He liked being prepared. "Protego Maxima is straightforward. 'Protego' is Latin for I protect and then 'Maxima' is the greatest of something. So you're protecting as much as possible." He knew that spell had been used on Hogwarts during the second wizarding war. He thought about the wars, and it made him sad. He didn't show it though, he was just quiet.
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