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SPOILER!!: Brandon & Mouse!
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Brandon practically had a heart attack when the furniture turned into fake kappas- that wasn't the rearranging he'd expected! He tried not to look too frightened of fake dark creatures that couldn't really hurt him, especially not when the professor was right there to help if needed. But it took a lot of courage not to be scared.

Not really knowing how to make a kappa bow, and not being a particularly knowledgeable wizard, Brandon used his cucumbers. He knew he was right to make two! But now he would have preferred three or four or ten. Cucumbers ready, Brandon threw one at the nearest (he pretended it was the smallest) kappa. The other one was ready in case the kappa decided the first one wasn't enough or if another kappa decided to suck all the blood out of him (inside him was the only place his blood should be for sure). Did these things have real teeth? Would they fake kill him?

"Does anyone want to be my partner?" He promised he'd be useful!!! He just liked his chances better with a team against one fake kappa.
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Was she smug that she'd managed to make Professor Khanna laugh? Entirely. And she'd had her own giggles in there too when they had drawn out the preciousss in a way that told her he knew exactly where she had drawn her inspiration from. Once instructions were to put all her belongings in a bag and up towards the front of the class, she scurried to do just that, before wiggling with excitement at the thought of the rest of class.

The Kappas couldn't actually hurt her, Professor Khanna had just assured that, so shouldn't they just have fun with the activity? That was certainly what she intended to do! She wasn't hesitant to work alone, and yet hearing the first year who seemed a little more reluctant she decided there was no harm in partnering either. Approaching the boy in yellow (Brandon) and his selected Kappa, she grinned at him. "I'll work with you!" she could not promise she'd be useful. But she maybe could be fun! Stuffing her cucumber in her robe pocket, deciding to use that last while also seeing how it reacted to the cucumber already thrown, she decided to try to throw in her own theory too. "Why did the fly never land on the computer???" maybe she could work her way to 'What's in my pocket'.

Because... Cucumber.

This Kappa was, in fact, one of the slightly larger ones. Its eyes were locked on the prey, and thought it could not smell the blood pumping through the veins of the small boy, it knew what it had to do. The cucumber halted it in its tracks. It tilted its head from side to side as though trying to figure out what the green object was, but this only went so far. The Kappa only scooped it up in its webbed hand then continued advancing on poor Brandon.

What’s this?

Two prey? How delightful!

The Kappa bared its pointy teeth again. The words Vera was directing at it only seemed to irritate it, not distract it.

Uh oh. Try again before it pounced on you!

SPOILER!!: Bella! <3
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Bella did as instructed, and gathered up her belongings in her bag, and then brought it up front. She looked on like everyone else how the furniture turned into kappas, and felt a slight chill go up her spine. Don't panic she told herself, these are just replicas, and you are a seventh year student with lots of experience. You will do fine.

Bella took a long steadying breath, made sure she had her wand close, and her signed cucumber, and then she went to stand in front of the kappa with a large pink bow around its neck. Unsure why she bowed a little towards the kappa before she took several steps towards it waiting for some reaction. Now what? Was she supposed to toss the cucumber when it moved?

This Kappa was smart. It refused to fall for your tricks, human! Aside from that, it was most certainly not a hippogriff. No one needed to bow to it, nor it to them. The Kappa only took another menacing step towards Bella. This time, its arms stretched out. Clearly it was reaching for her.

Watch out before it lunged at you!

SPOILER!!: Maxine! <3
Originally Posted by love-for-HP View Post
This was going to be an intersting lesson. Wonder what the real Kappa in the tank thought about these replicas? Are they terroritorial? Would they fight each other? So many questions.... but back to the task at hand.

Making her way over an 'empty' Kappa line with her cucumber in tow. Maxine felt way braver than she ever though she would - something about Defense Against the Dark Arts brought that out in her - just don't ask her to get a broom - her feet were ment to be frimly on the ground... ugh .. once again she got lost in her own thoughts. She needed to focus.

"Hey there Kappa friend" She said out loud - maybe they just needed to be friends. She got an idea to. Maxine took a big courtsey in front of the Kappa - who knows maybe it had manners and would bow back - that would make life easy - keeping her cucumber on the ready in case it didn't like her courtsey and made a move on her. She also had her wand at the ready.

Maxine’s Kappa had not an ounce of interest in being friends; it was only interested in her falling victim to it. Much like Bella’s Kappa, this one also had no interest in bows or curtseys. It let out an almighty growl, one that was enough to send chills up anyone’s spine. It took two quick steps towards Maxine, its eyes observing her as though deciding the best way to tackle the girl.

SPOILER!!: Mitsuki & Mercer!
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
She was still mulling over what would be suitable decorations when the professor made his rounds and quietly pointed out her error. "...oh..." Mitsuki replied quietly as she set her knife down on the table and reached for her wand to cast a quick cleaning charm upon it. She wasn't embarrassed as much as she was disappointed in that she had used her time and energy inefficiently even though her green tea leaves had cautioned her against such tresspassings. The Ravenclaw pushed the cucumber aside and observed Mercer a bit as he dropped his cucumber multiple times and then carved more than his cucumber. But, in true Mercer fashion, he made the best of the situation - something Gherkin would surely appreciation.

Her wand still out from cleaning her knife, Mitsuki reached for her (boy space)friend's hand and performed a swift and tight swoop over it. "Inurio Bani." A thing but sturdy white bandage emerged from the tip of her wand like a sterile ribbon that then wrapped snuggly around Mercer's finger. That was her position in their relationship, after all, finding the solutions to Mercer's innocent musings and occasional messes. She hadn't meant to perform the act in the middle of Professor Khanna's worries, it just happened to be that way. She felt that this was more than satisfactory for Mercer's current state, but only he knew how he felt it and so she simply returned her wand to her pocket, gave the back of his hand a little pat, and then rose to fetch herself another cucumber.

It was probably for the best that she was otherwise preoccupied during the next question with both carving and imagining possible scenarios with Gherkin telling his kappa colony about all he had seen and experienced at Hogwarts. Truly, for the best, since Mitsuki had indeed faced a kappa without a cucumber and her methods, if one could even call them that, had not been effective. In any case, her second carved cucumber was finished and her name, middle and last since she rarely used her first, were present and accounted for.

Attention forward once again, the Ravenclaw found herself disappointed. Replicas, as realistic and believable as they may appear, were just simply that: replicas. Cucumber in hand, she turned her head towards Mercer under the presumption that he would be that classmate Professor Khanna suggested they work with. "Even numbers are unlucky," she noted while offering the "kappa" a cursory glance. Meaning they ought to select an odd one in an odd row. As to them being a duo, an unlucky even number, she just sprinkled some salt from her pocket on both of their left shoulders.
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
"Thanks, Professor. I'm..." Mercer waved his now-bandaged hand to show that he had miraculously been healed without any effort on his own part. That was one of the perks of being friends with a Misuki. The professor should get one for themself. "I'll come by later, promise."

Mercer turned his attention to an odd kappa and his partner, although he WAS concerned that she was calling him personally unlucky. Rude, really, because he was doing his best, even if he made them an even number. "I think we should just throw our cucumbers and see how it goes. We can get more creative after that, but honestly, if we don't throw them, I'm going to eat mine. And it isn't clean anymore, and my mom says the five second rule isn't actually a thing. I might get... tetanus."

“Ah, yes. I see that, Mr. Branxton.” They offered both students a smile. “Five points to Ravenclaw for assisting a classmate, I think, Ms. Rasting.” This was exactly what they meant when they had asked for students to keep an eye on each other earlier. With arrangements out of the way for Mercer to revisit the Kappa tomorrow, their attention drew back to Mitsuki. There was no judgement on their part in terms of the minor mistake. As far as they were concerned, these things happened and it was all a part of the learning process. They must note, though, that the Ravenclaw girl’s handiwork was quite neat.

Whatever your course of action, it was best to decide quickly. Would you need more salt to aid in the situation of the Kappa now reaching its outstretched arms towards you both, Mitsuki and Mercer? Would the cucumbers serve as a distraction? “GRRRRRRR!” growled the creature, webbed fingers inches from the students.

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