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Raj was really hoping that because the creative charms thingy wasn’t a class per say, that he wasn’t going to get in trouble. He was really going to have to make sure to set timers when he was deep into studying from now on else it could be bad next time. The seventh year twisted to slip through the cracked open door as quietly as he could manage to see that thankfully it seemed like they had just gotten into things so he hadn’t missed much. Listening to what both Mouse and Jude had said as he discretely shifted closer to stand near the former, he was figuring they were talking about spells and their Latin.

Having been studying defense before the rush to get here, Rajesh picked the first one that came to mind. “There’s Expelliarmus...from the Latin expello for banish and armus for weapon.” A basic spell that did or was meant to do exactly what the Latin said, to banish your opponent’s weapon/wand from their person.
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