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SPOILER!!: greetings
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
The moment Mouse had seen the notice regarding some exploration through creativity I'm conjunction with Charms, she had marked her pocket calendar and made sure to put post its up to remind herself of her interest. She was by no means an amazing artist, but she certainly.liked to explore her creative side - even if it had generally presented itself through her fashion choices and created clothings. But still... Whatever medium they were using today, she was sure she'd have fun anyways.

Heading into the room, a basic white t-shirt over a pair of black leggings her selection for the day's wear, she grinned at Professor Sayse. "Hello, Professor. Very looking forward to today! Which medium do you generally choose to create in?" she found herself a spot to sit, forgoing any protective wear that might have been available or that she should have brought. The white was a conscious decision - any accidents she made during her creation could lead to something beautiful even in what she wore.
It didn't take too long before the first person arrived. Although the nice thing about art was that it could generally be a solitary activity which meant there wasn't need for many people. Actually Marilyn found it more relaxing and rejuvenating by herself anyway. "Good evening, Minerva! My preferred would actually be sewing but painting is a top choice as well. There's something about watching the way the colours mix together and then changing the blank canvas into something extraordinary."

Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Brandon was here for three reasons: 1. He took Latin. 2. He thought the idea of inventing charms was fascinating(was this the third professor he'd bother with questions? Or the fourth?) and he wanted to explore this space. 3. It had been a long week, and he needed a break. He wasn't really an artist, but it's okay to not be the best or even very good at things. It was something his sister had said, and something that he liked to say to her when she needed to take her own advice. He'd even said it to Megan. Once, when he felt very nice. It applied here.

He showed up early, with the goal of enjoying himself, and exploring charms inventions through art (even though he didn't know what that meant). "Hello Professor." He even smiled at her, because he was in a relaxed mood and that meant smiles for everyone. Then he went to go stand by the older girl(Mouse). "Hi. Is the white on purpose? Or are you just very not-messy at art?" It was a real question. He was curious, and he liked to know things. Speaking of curiosity... "Do you know what it means to explore charms through art?"
"hello Brandon," Marilyn greeted, grateful that even the younger students were getting involved. Was the question directed at her or Minerva? She decided it was directed at the ravenclaw girl and decided to pass on answering that. Besides they would be learning what that meant soon enough.

Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Bella wasn't exactly an artist, but she did like to doodle in art from time to time so she had noted in her calender the day for the charms event. Maybe Professor Sayse could tell her about some charms professions while they worked? And the old language of latin that was interesting too. Entering the charms practice room the senior snakette was clad in athletic pants and an old t-shirt for the art activity with a snake pin on her chest as she waved over to their professor first with a greeting "Good evening Professor Sayse, will we paint portraits today?" Bella then headed over to sit down on one of the empty stools waving 'Hello's to Brandon and Minerva as she did so.
Another older student. She smiled at Bella's appearance to the practice room and shook her head at her question. "No portraits today. Well, not directly." She more dabbled in photography instead of painting people anyway. Although she supposed if the mood struck for them to paint a portrait, she wouldn't object but that wasn't the goal for today's artwork.

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Jude too wasn’t much of a talent when it came to this type of art form. It wouldn’t hurt to have some fun, he had decided, which was why he had just stepped in the room. He took a moment to check out the room because this wasn’t one which he often visited. “Hi, Professor!’’ the Hufflepuff said, smiling and giving her a wave as he headed towards a particular Slytherin.

Bells!” He was all beams as he flopped down beside her. “The most proper thing I can draw are blobs.” Jude stuck an elbow on the desk then rested his chin in his palm. This bit of reveal was to prepare Bella so that she wouldn’t laugh at his terrible artwork when she actually saw it.
"Good evening Jude," she greeted the hufflepuff seventh year, smiling when she overheard him telling Bella about how he could only draw blobs. She wasn't one to interrupt conversations, particularly as this wasn't a proper lesson anyway... but if he asked about it, she'd likely inform him that blobs are artwork too.

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Desiree was so excited for this activity! It was two of her favorite things combined: art and charms. Best idea ever! She wondered how Latin was going to fit into it, though. Were they going to invent some art-themed charm? Whatever it was, she was so up for it!

Feeling a bit Rapunzel today, she wore a purple smock over her clothes and a matching beret with a sun on the front - because a beret was a must-have for every artist! She was all smiles as she entered the charms research area. It was kind of weird but cool seeing so many people here. Usually when Desiree came here, she was all by herself. “Hello, Professor! Great way to start the weekend!” she said with a princessy wave. And no, she wasn’t kissing up; she really meant it!

Cue more waves for the other students. “Hi, Mouse! Hi, Brandon! Hi, Jude! Hi, Bella!” she greeted everyone. With the pleasantries out of the way, she moved aside, standing near Mouse and Brandon. Would the older girl catch the Disney reference in her outfit?
Desiree attending tonight wasn't really a surprise. Also the beret made her look like a proper artist! "Evening Desiree, love the beret. I sure hope it will be a good start to the weekend." Nothing terribly stressful. Just low-key making some art.

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Unlike the majority of her peers, Mitsuki slinked into the practice room with quiet eagerness for today's activity. Not only did she take both Latin and Art, but watercolor painting and calligraphy were among the few things to capture her attention and her thoughts remarkably not wander elsewhere. The Ravenclaw had no aversion to messes while painting either and had refined her cleaning routine out of necessity thanks to all her tireless hours of performance calligraphy practice. One had to when half of your hakama was white and the ink to the massive brushes a rich midnight black color. She was a champion in the field now, having earned second place at the Japanese nationals over the summer, though she did not expect her peers to know these things and highly doubted that her sister, Mercer, or Yumeki-senpai would have boasted such information to anyone else.

Mostly today the Ravenclaw was hoping to learn something that she could apply to her already well refined art style and, at best, throw into her performance calligraphy routine for nationals the next summer.

Adorned in her usual dark Lolita inspired attire, complete with high knee socks, Mitsuki gravitated towards Brandon Fox but elected not to interrupt his interactions. It was more in her nature to make quiet appearances than announce them, after all. Her eyes looked around the space before falling on the Charms professor and noted the smock which was something she had not personally worn since kindergarten. She felt it unnecessary for herself and, hopefully, it would not become a requirement.

She felt too detached from the essence of her art materials with such a cloth barrier.
Mitsuki's attire also struck her as very artist-like. Even if it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. She greeted the fourth year promptly and decided they should probably get started.

Marilyn closed the door after Mitsuki's arrival, but still left it open ajar ... This wasn't a formal class, so if anyone was arriving late, there would be no penalty. Just like if anyone had to leave early, that was fine too. She didn't want to keep anyone from enjoying a splendid Friday night, but also knew the empowerment and enrichment that came with simply creating.

"Okay, let's get started... So there's some common prefixes and suffixes for many charm spells that are clearly Latin based. The first thing to think about in regards to charms is what spells are already existence. For example, the mobilicorpus charm has two clear Latin words. Mobil for movement. Corpus for body. Moves the body. So think about some charms you already know and let's break those down to their Latin roots?"

She wrote on the board for them:
Charms and their Latin Roots

~ Mobilicorpus: Mobil. Corpus
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