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The boop and poking of the nose were entirely unnecessary. As silly as her brother's antics were though, a small smile did manage to appear on her lips. Drake somehow managed to amuse and, at times, bring her out of the shell she hid in, with this moment being no different from before.

She still wasn't the tiniest bit entertained with the job shop. But Gilly had to admit that the talk of fireworks was making it a little more bearable. Thought theorizing about their mass, volume, and longevity was keeping her mind busy. Unfortunately, she was no expert on this matter. "Maybe we should ask the clerk over there?" she suggested, moving her chin in the direction of the counter where she had seen a man reading.

"Hmm," she mused, thinking about his question for a moment. She tapped her left index finger on her chin for extra emphasis. "I am sure she'd like a Christmas breakfast. We could wake up early and surprise her. Otherwise, I am sure she'd just enjoy watching Christmas movies with us and sitting in front of the fireplace. We could do cookie decorating too." No loud booms were necessary. Time spent together as a family was all that was really needed. Their mum seemed to enjoy things like that.

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