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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Of course he and Reagan cared a ton for Davet; Dav was important to them both, Jude knew this much, and they’d always be there encouraging him. He agreed very much on the topic of Dav and Rea acting together. Anyone who saw those two together were bound to admit they were dynamite! And even when the time came when his boyfriend would end up having to kiss another male on screen, Jude was wise enough to keep in mind that it was all acting. That and the fact that Davet liked him in a way that he didn’t like other guys.

Jude had much to be thankful to Davet’s maman then. Firstly for gracing the planet with her son, then for being so supportive of him and Davet’s relationship and for the grace and other positive traits he had inherited from her. If Davet had stumbled, Jude would have caught him; he needed worry when Jude was around. He would grin, much like he was doing right now but that was only because the other boy was laughing. “Wait a minute. Is that your stomach, Dav?” And then he too was laughing. This settled it! He was going to treat Davet to a HUGE lunch! “It’s a great plan,’’ Jude agreed. They hadn’t planned much for the day but he was about to ask Davet if he had made other plans. Why? Because Jude really wanted to spend the entire day with him. While Dav had gone to get their things, Jude swapped out the current shirt he was wearing {since this was one he would use for his practices} for the one he had arrived at the studio in. “All set?” His hand was held out but not for his belongings - it was for his boyfriend's hand.

Scene 7:
December 2109 arrives along with a Hogsmeade weekend. This is the first time in months that Jude is able to meet with Evan.

Evan Nam (Chelliephone)
Jude Anders (FearlessLeader19)

The Hufflepuff honestly could NOT wait to see Evan! Gosh, had it really been so many months already? He wanted to hear all about Evan’s adventures and maybe hopefully see a few pictures. Jude didn’t forget about his feat that perhaps Evan had met some new people and decided that they would be a better best friend. Or worst had finally found someone he was romantically interested in.

“Not going to think about now,’’ he mumbled as he levitated two plates of slices of Shepherd’s Pie and two mugs of steaming hot cocoa with extra marshmallows in both. The boys had planned to meet at The Three Broomsticks, as they usually would have done while at Hogwarts. Jude selected one of the booths and after resting their food down, flopped down to wait on Evan. There were many of his friends milling about {Jude nearly laughed out loud at Nova and Kennedy. Honestly, he never saw his cousin get as feisty with anyone as much as she did Kennedy Potter} but he just waved at them distractedly. His eyes were much too focused on the door. Evan would be able to spot him immediately because Jude was wearing his signature rainbow bauble beanie.
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