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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
There was only a seconds consideration on Keighley's part on Logan's reply. Now that made perfect sense. Even for him. "Smart thinking, no sense in overeating and making yourself sick." Food was great but there always needed to be some sort of limit put into place. It was sad.. but true.

"A sandwich and cookies? I can handle that so we don't have to bother any of the house elves." She offered right away. Anytime she could do something for herself, she did. Not that it always worked out that way, those house elves were pretty much almost always at the very top of their game and came to the rescue with food and drinks. "Do you have a favorite kind of sandwich or anything you really don't like on it?"

Well, well, look at her cousin growing up and being a gentleman! Keigh smiled at him. "Thanks," she hummed happily, slipping past him and stepping into the kitchen to have a look around.
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The third year smiled and shook his head in agreement. Yes, that definitely was smart thinking. He could admit (to anyone but Vera) that he was not the smartest when it came to most things. But when it came to matters concerning food, he definitely knew what he was talking about.

An eyebrow rose. She could handle that? Was she offering to put everything together and he could just hang out? If that was the case, then there would be no complaints from him. Though he did have to stifle a laugh. They wouldn't need to bother the house-elves? Well, maybe she didn't need to. He always bothered chatted with the elves, tested whatever they were cooking, and so on. They were pretty much besties at this point (at least in his opinion).

"Oh, come on, Keigh. You know I'll eat practically anything that's put in front of me," Logan stated as he followed her inside the high-ceilinged room. "Buuuuuuut a club sandwich sounds good right now. A thick one."
Studentsies!! More studentsies come to visit Toddles and his friends! The friendly little elf was practically at their sides from the time his huge ears heard the words cookies and sandwich. “It’s no bother, Missus. It’s no bother to Toddles.” Toddles nodded his head so vigorously that his huge ears flapped about. “Master Paton. Come to sample more garlic bread?” Garlic bread was a specialty of Toddles. “We be making a fresh batch soon.”
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