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Desiree was so excited for this activity! It was two of her favorite things combined: art and charms. Best idea ever! She wondered how Latin was going to fit into it, though. Were they going to invent some art-themed charm? Whatever it was, she was so up for it!

Feeling a bit Rapunzel today, she wore a purple smock over her clothes and a matching beret with a sun on the front - because a beret was a must-have for every artist! She was all smiles as she entered the charms research area. It was kind of weird but cool seeing so many people here. Usually when Desiree came here, she was all by herself. “Hello, Professor! Great way to start the weekend!” she said with a princessy wave. And no, she wasn’t kissing up; she really meant it!

Cue more waves for the other students. “Hi, Mouse! Hi, Brandon! Hi, Jude! Hi, Bella!” she greeted everyone. With the pleasantries out of the way, she moved aside, standing near Mouse and Brandon. Would the older girl catch the Disney reference in her outfit?
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