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The moment Mouse had seen the notice regarding some exploration through creativity I'm conjunction with Charms, she had marked her pocket calendar and made sure to put post its up to remind herself of her interest. She was by no means an amazing artist, but she certainly.liked to explore her creative side - even if it had generally presented itself through her fashion choices and created clothings. But still... Whatever medium they were using today, she was sure she'd have fun anyways.

Heading into the room, a basic white t-shirt over a pair of black leggings her selection for the day's wear, she grinned at Professor Sayse. "Hello, Professor. Very looking forward to today! Which medium do you generally choose to create in?" she found herself a spot to sit, forgoing any protective wear that might have been available or that she should have brought. The white was a conscious decision - any accidents she made during her creation could lead to something beautiful even in what she wore.

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