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Out of all the shops in the alley, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes was not one that interested her. Even though she was nine years old, a month shy of being ten, Gillyweed felt that she was too mature for the tricks and treats the place had to offer. Mandrake, on the other hand, had insisted that they take a look around since they had time. Not able to argue with his reasoning because their mum was still Christmas shopping, she agreed - under the condition that they go to the bookstore or Wiseacre's next.

Her brown eyes scanned the shop, taking in all of the colour that was splattered about. Gilly had to admit that, though chaotic, it did make things pop, which she was sure helped with sales. The advertising tactics, though, weren't tempting her at all. Belch Powder? Dungbombs? Nose-Biting Teacups? She was going to pass on all of that, thank you very much.

"Find anything interesting, Drakie?" the curly-haired girl asked her twin. She certainly hadn't.

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