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Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
Yukie was glad Jude didn't give her a face or shrug off her little unsolicited advice. It made her feel a bit more easy. "I like rhymes. I'm not very good at making lines that rhyme, but it's fun." Sometimes she would even giggle to herself whenever she caught herself unintentionally rhyming words in even the most ordinary conversation. They came easier when she didn't try. "Songwriters are really brave. I think it takes a lot of courage to open up and turn these thoughts into songs for a lot of people to hear." Even Yukie, who loved to talk the ear off of anyone who was willing to listen, couldn't imagine herself doing that! There were some things she much preferred keeping to herself, and her diary. Speaking of diary, of course she was being teased back about it! The littlest Rasting let out a giggle and blushed a teeny bit. "I write about a lot of people! I write about everyone I meet everyday!" It wasn't a lie, she really did. Her diary entries were basically memory logs of her life, although there definitely was a name that appeared more frequently in her diary entries as of late.

Aw! He was taking notes from her. Yukie was flattered. Rarely did older students ever listen to notes coming from younger students, which Yukie didn't really bother with, but still it was nice when one of them did. "Rainbow cookies? Like many cookies in different colours, or a single cookie with all the colours?" The fourth year thought about it. She'd never seen a rainbow cookie in her life, just a rainbow cake because of its layers. But this was definitely inspiring her to make a mess with her recipes. "Really? I would love to try some of your stuff! But are you sure?" She teasingly wiggled her brows at him. Yukie wasn't going to take this lightly! She was going to be extra honest about what her tastebuds tell her.

As for baking tips, there really was just one she could offer him. "Yes! Trial and error, all the time. I can't count how many times I've accidentally burnt my cookies, but all the fails won't matter in the grand scheme of cookie things once you find the perfect recipe." It makes the whole deal worth it in the end!

...Oh, right. Her cereal! She'd forgotten she was eating.

Jude chuckled. You and I have that in common. Honestly, ninety nine percent of the verses that Ive come up with on my own do not rhyme. Luckily, Koen doesnt mind. Rhyming is fun though! Its funnier when you do it unintentionally, have you noticed? You can just stop in that moment and think, Wait! Did I just do that? Merlin, that rhyming was brilliant! Surely Yukie had had those moments? He nodded. I think thats why Ive never really gotten into it before. But perhaps its better to put all the feelings out there, you know? It might become someones survival guide. Oh, oh, oh! Jude smirked. Im sure you do, but there must be someone or so that you write often about. He was only saying that based on his own suspicions of what he would write about. In his case, hed be writing about two persons mostly. And Yukie didn't have to say who she was writing about! Jude just liked to gently tease her.

A single cookie with many coloured sprinkles baked in is my version of rainbow cookies, the boy clarified, thinking that hed gladly take all the baking advice his fellow Pufferfish had to offer! The vague thought and wonderment of if perhaps she wanted to pursue a career in baking. Yukie would excel in that area for sure. I will have to admit that Im a TAD nervous, having my work judged by the Baking Queen. I think Ill survive it though. Cue a wink from him!

Trial and error. I got it! How did you discover your passion for this sort of thing? Serenade him with your story, Yukie, while his breakfast was being polished off.
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