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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Keigh was lucky Jude didn’t want her to EVER go anywhere. Just kidding. HE was the lucky one since she wanted to stick by him. And this was one of the reasons he loved her with all of his heart. Another reason he loved her so much was because Keigh could always make him feel better. Not that he’d been feeling sad or anything at that moment; Keighley just further boosted his mood. It had been a little while since Jude had laughed that much.

“Me?!” Jude gasped dramatically, an act that would certainly have made Reagan proud. “Please, little sister! You wanted to join me on these comfy pillows.” Cue him laughing again. Then, “We’re supposed to be building a fort. But this is just as nice. I suppose if we get too lazy from all that laughing, we could just use magic to build it. I’m willing to compromise today.”
Nah-uh, nope, no way. Keighley was more than happy to settle right here on this and say that they were both extremely lucky to feel the same way about their close sibling relationship. She couldn't imagine if Jude wasn't the type of brother that he was, if he was anything but his sweet loveable self just didn't make sense in her brain.

"Yes, you!" Keigh grinned at good display of drama. Their sister would be so proud of Jude if she could see all of this right now. "Oh, believe me right now.. I have nothing at all against laying here on these comfy pillows however.. I could've made do without falling over you." Cue a sweet smile in response to his laughter. The mention of using magic to build their fort had the blonde give a small nod of her head. "I think that would be okay, this time. It would be some good practice for our exams."
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