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She really wanted to make today special. Sam had been struggling readjusting to life on land and, clearly, his time in Atlantis had left scars on his soul that would take a very long time to mend...which was why she was concerned by his suggestion they stop by Quidditch Quality Supplies on their casual date. Every single moment with Sam felt like a date though, her heart always skipping a few beats and humming its own tune, so that was not to say that this was an actual date date.

Her arm looped around his, keeping close as had been even more their norm since his return, her pace slowed as they approached the shop and looked at the display through the window. It was somewhat comical to think back now on how she had once held such high aspirations as becoming a professional quidditch player, a keeper just like her dad. Not only was she entirely too small, much more a seeker's build, but she was also terribly uncoordinated. Her flying was fair though, she could have perhaps made it if she had applied herself more and not grown her interests in herbology and fashion.

"You okay?" she asked softly, kissing her boyfriend's shoulder and then looking up at him with her big hazel-green doe eyes.

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