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Okay... so this seemed easy enough. They were going to be using their transfigured pieces to put them together to make a stool. Only now that Apollo was looking at the pieces he realized he hadn't transfigured enough poles or planks. He had the large plank that he could only assume to be the 'seat'. "Palus" he said, turning three more of the pipe cleaners into poles.

And he had two differently sized planks in addition to the seat. So that meant - he needed two more of those sizes? "Temran Madera". Okay so he had all the pieces now time to put them together. Carefully laying two poles beside each other, he marked one at 8.5 inches, but carelessly not realizing that they weren't even with each other (they were about an inch off), he marked the other one at only 7.5inches. One small plank and hammered into the pole and then repeated it.

When Carton called that they were out of time, Apollo stared at his half completed stool and decided to work quicker. Which also meant more careless mistakes. Things were looking quite off kilter with him accidentally placing two of the same sized planks next to each other instead of opposite. Somehow he was still able to get the nails hammered in but this wasn't lined up the way things were supposed to be. And considering one of the holes was marked lower, well this did not look symmetrical at all. Hammer.... hammer... Apollo kept going, determined to finish and oblivious to his mistakes (for now). Okay time to put the large plank on top which was when he realized how very off the stool was. OKAY he would NOT be going to magical carpentry.

"Er... Professor, I think I'm going to need to start over. Could I maybe take some extra of the original supplies and work on this later?" Perhaps when he wasn't so rushed he'd properly line things up. Although he supposed he could maybe use reparifarge, but he wasn't sure how that would work with the nailed in pieces. So maybe best to just start completely from scratch.

So much for this being a simple stool.
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