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Default Class dismissed!
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Norman roamed the room as the students set to work, taking care not to move too close to anyone’s workbench and disturb their work. Those stools took up quite a bit of space! His bluish-green eyes scanned the area as he went, closely monitoring the students’ progress. So far, so good. It looked like everyone was correctly following the steps without his help.

Fox’s question got a nod in reply as he passed. “Yes,” he said. He had intended to make that announcement at the end of class, but he supposed doing it now would save him the trouble of repeating it later. Raising his voice so the rest of the class could hear him, he added, “These stools are yours to keep.”

Several minutes later, Norman peeked at his watch to see that the class time was running out. Reversing his course, he made his way back to the front of the room. “Right, that’s all the time we have for today,” he announced, peering around the room one last time. He was pleased to see that so many students had successfully built their stools! “If you didn’t finish, you may take your supplies with you to do so on your own time. Your homework: try out your new stool, and see how it compares to a stool built the non-magical way. Write down your observations. Class dismissed!”

OOC: That’s all, folks! Thanks for coming! I’ll leave the thread open for another 10 HOURS for those who want to catch/finish up or post their students leaving.
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