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If only it were as simple as a matter of attraction which was a far cry from ZachaŽl's perspective. The truth of the matter was that he came from a family with a very overbearing matriarch whose expectations and presence sent ripples of fear through ZachaŽl as a young man and still managed to silence him with one intimidating glance even as an adult. He had always been more of a soft spoken sort, but the woman's energy was second to none. The woman had style as well, though her aesthetic was entirely the opposite of his own, and quite beautiful in her terrifying there was something to attractiveness playing a factor, he supposed. Not his tastes in that regard, but he could still very easily objectively appreciate beauty and style regardless. All this to say that, simply, women intimidated him and he had psychological war flashbacks in their presences more often than he liked to admit.

"Please, take a seat in the consultation section." The area towards the front window with the more comfortable chairs that were in desperate need of reupholstering but he had not been able to decide on a fabric for them and certain influential voices in his life were quite firm on him not mixing textiles to create a more eclectic space. "I'll bring the kettle around in just a moment along with some biscuits."

Though first...there was a tin to collect. A tin of biscuits? Was it tacky to offer the very gift she had bestowed upon him with their tea since she had purchased them and it was hardly his hospitality? Then again, these looked nicer that the budget biscuits he had been ordering to help cut costs. "Great minds," he recovered, tapping the lid of the tin with his fingers before adding her money for the postcards to the till and then moved to grab the kettle from the small wood burning stove and summoning a pair of tea cups and saucers to the table. "Do you take sugar or milk with your tea?" He only took milk with his and his coffee rather exclusively black.

"I am a student of the arts," ZachaŽl chuckled while slipping into the seat opposite her. "Zeke kept on pestering me about getting a hobby so...I found somewhere offering some classes and now I am an amateur artist. As delightful as it can be...I do believe I prefer whittling to painting, but the variation is nice."

Pouring a bit of milk into his cup and stirring the contents with his tiny spoon, he shook his head to toss his curls out of the way before lifting the cup towards his lips and blew gently. "Tends to be a wave every 3 months or so, but it is truly hard to top the holiday season. Really have to keep an eye on the owls so that they don't overwork themselves....and several are just stubborn enough to do it too." Which would partly explain why his shoulder did not have one currently adorning the man's shoulder - it was a mandatory rest time in their coops. "Indeed. That's the last thing they Alley needs now that finally all the damages from the war have been repaired." Not to sound tone deaf to her plight or anything. "Fingers crossed that you'll be properly settled in by the summer holidays then. Oh...and should you require any wood crafting for the apartments during their upkeep, I could offer my and my partner's services."

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