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SPOILER!!: Bella is so kind *sobs*
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Smiling slightly Bella nodded "Yes cats. We love them, but not their razor sharp claws right?" At least not when they used them to attack their owners. Shaking her head she murmured "I'm fine, not much pain at all. Most of the scratches weren't too deep. It was just one claw that got stuck that Healer Feirgrund had to dig out." Thankfully Bella was infection free and could study. Opening her own bag she mimicked Jude's moves to dig out her own Transfiguration book, parchment and quill. She still hadn't completed her essay for Professor Carton. "Why does professors enjoy assigning us so many essays? They are a pain to write don't you agree?" Bella vented to Jude as she eyed over her essay on switching versus transformation.

Bella was about to dip her quill in her ink bottle to finish the sentance in her essay that she had left uncompleted when Judes words caught her attention. "A regular dance partner....Do you want me to help?" She didn't have the best balance, but she wasn't a total mess on heels. She could help Jude if he needed her to, Bella would do that for their friendship.


Jude thought a little about the question, tilting his head from side to side as he did so. “Not when they’re digging into us, no. But have you ever watched Millie stretch and her little murder mittens emerge? Ugh! Cutest thing ever!” Listen, this Hufflepuff was biased when it came to cats. He loved the furbabies so much! Still, he couldn’t suppress a slight shudder. “THAT must have been painful.” The Healer was quite capable and Jude was sure that Bells would mend without issue. He peered over at the book his friend had gotten out and made a face. “Transfiguration is not my best subject but I can help you with the theoretical aspect more than the practical bits.” He chuckled. “Because they love to torture us! Just kidding! Yes, essays are. Homework is also a pain. I would prefer doing the practicals, hands down.”

Jude flipped his History of Magic book open. This was one of his best subjects and it was the reason he decided to get started with it. However, there was a double take at the mention of Bella wanting to help. “You’re willing to?” Honestly, he was always went mushy whenever his friends showed him kindness, even though he knew he deserved it because kindness is what he always put out in the world. “I would love that! Thank you!”
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