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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Her eldest sister had made a big deal over the summer about making visits to the kitchens (and had even sent along multiple copies of written instructions for finding it and getting inside). Sophia, therefore, was eager to go there. It was probably the only place in the castle she wasn't worried about getting lost trying to find.

She greeted the house-elves eagerly upon entering, and it didn't take long to notice there was another student in there! Figuring she better not ignore him, she took a seat nearby the older student and greeted him with a friendly smile. "Hullo!" she said brightly. She wasn't sure if it would be rude to ask what he was eating, so instead she just tried not to look too interested in his food. She would get her own when she was hungry
Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
When he heard the entrance of an eager student, Tommy groaned. It wasn't their presence that annoyed him (well, not entirely), but rather the enthusiasm with which they'd greeted the house elves.

He groaned a second time when she sat near him, glaring in a way that he hoped would make her rethink her choice of seat and move rather than responding to her hello. Only then did he turn to the food the elves had placed on the table beside him, pulling the bowl of stew towards himself and tearing off a chunk of bread to dip into it.

At least with his mouth full, she might be less likely to try to engage him in conversation.
Poor little Toddles was hurt. “Master no like steaming bowl of stew?” Toddles’ face lowered so that it brushed his chest. He may not have been the one to have brought the stew for the Master but angry Master still made him sad. Hogwarts children usually are happy to see house elves. Toddles hardly came across any that became cross with house elves. He was sad. “Master prefers something else?” Large eyes turned to the other studentsie. “Stew, young Miss?’’ Toddles asked timidly. He’d bring her something else if she wanted.
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