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A stool!

Well, that wouldn't be the first thing Yukie would think to build if she were lost in the wilderness but hey, it was something to work on. Though she also did not know what she'd do with the stool if they were to bring them back to their dorms.

After watching the professor work, Yukie went ahead to retrieve the equipment she needed and assembled her transfigured materials. She measured two of her poles from the bottom with her tape measure, just as instructed, and marked the spot with a pencil. With a nail and a hammer, because she wanted to go muggle for the meantime, she started hammering one of the small planks. She started carefully, because the thing was wobbly and she was not that confidence with the hammer just yet. It took very long for the first nail to get right through, but nevertheless she was happy that she did it. Now, she was going to work with her spell work. For the next remaining poles, Yukie chose to do things magically. "Malleus!" She said and with each tap of her wand, the nail drove itself into the plank. It was so much easier, and it saved her from making too much noise.

With all that done, Yukie smiled to herself as she turned a finished piece over to measure the seven inches from the bottom. It was seven, right? She looked at the board for confirmation before moving forward and marking with her pencil once again. She then Malleus-ed her nail down the top of the medium plank, and another nail on the bottom. She worked quietly at first, but as she repeated the steps with the left side, she found herself humming to the tune of a Joshua Miller song. There was a lot of measuring and marking going on here, with yet another seven inches on the nailed side upwards. She lined up the leg of her soon-to-be stool to the marksshe made. With more Malleus-hammering, Yukie did that to the open ends of her planks and the leg on both sides, completing her base.

This was a lot of work. She kind of just wanted to get this over with.

The Hufflepuff then flipped the base over so her stool stood on all its four legs. Hey, look at that! She was almost done! Yukie took the large plank and rested it over the base top, checking that each side had the half an inch overhang as instructed. With her remaining transfigured nails, she tapped each of them in place with Malleus at each corner and then at each side.At this point, her humming had ceased and she was chewing the insides of her cheek.

Finished? Finished. The littlest Rasting let out a relieved sigh and half-smiled to herself for a job well done. A nap sounded nice already.
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