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SPOILER!!: Yukie! <3
Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
Yukie didn't know it, but she would be really happy to know her energy was rubbing off on Jude in a good way! Sometimes people didn't like being around someone so unapologetically bubbly. She didn't get it when that happens, but she knew went to avoid. It was nice that she didn't have to slip right back to her first seat then.

"If it helps, I think songs are kind of like poetry! Or like, writing a new entry into your diary. Try writing something personal?" It was probably unsolicited advice, but Yukie tossed that out there anyway. She had just shoveled another spoonful of cereal when Jude teased her right back, so she tried not to giggle and spill her food. "Oh, yes, we all need a bit of motivation sometimes! I thought you were writing a song about sooooomeone." Hey, if he was gonna tease her right back, she might as well poke some more fun. She thought dedicating an art piece to someone would be super cute.

Yukie grinned when Jude accepted her invitation. Walks are fun together! She poured herself a glass of orange juice as she waited for his question on cookies. "Yes, always! But if you're in a hurry, I'd least thirty minutes of rest and refrigerating before baking them," the littlest Rasting nodded and sipped from her juice. She also gently pushed the juice pitcher towards Jude, in case he wanted some too. "Makes the cookies chewier and tastier, in my opinion." She had tried baking dough immediately before, without resting and chilling, for the experiment and...well, they were okay. Just that. Okay. Yukie never settled for just okay when it came to cookies!

Jude was quite used to being around bubbliness. Keighley was exactly like Yukie in this way, and he spent a lot of time in his baby sister’s company. Also, if Yukie had made her way back to where she originally started, he’d have been VERY disappointed! “Both, I would say. There’s the occasional rhyming in songs. You’re one hundred percent right about making it personal though. I think listeners appreciate stuff that’s personal since they may be going through the same situation, or they had at one point.” The seventh year welcomed the feedback, Yukie! He really did. Ooooh! Look at her teasing him back! “Why? Have you been writing in your diary about someone special recently?” Jude wiggled his brows in typical Jude fashion when he was being playful.

“I’m making notes,’’ Jude announced, actually scribbling the advice on cookies on a fresh page. “I’ll try this the next time I make rainbow cookies.” Because who didn’t like ALL those pretty colours in their cookies? He certainly adored them! “I’ll share a few with you so that you can rate my baking.” Notes done, the older Puff reached for the pitcher with a word of thanks. Pouring himself a glass, the conversation continued. “Do you have any other baking tips you’re willing to share?” While waiting for any potential tips, the boy busied himself in finishing up his breakfast. A walk awaited this duo after all!
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