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Default Question 2
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Norman liked what he saw on his final sweep of the room, quiet students hard at work on the task at hand. Anders and Fox were moving right along, and it looked as if Durand, Atreyu-Rehman, and Rasting weren’t far behind. Elsewhere, he saw Collins and Wilde making excellent progress. All of the students got an approving nod as he made his rounds.

With a final check of his watch, he circled around to the front of the room once more. “Great work, everyone!” He addressed the group with a slight smile. “As you might have guessed, we’ll be building something with the materials you’ve just transfigured. Before we get to that, here’s some food for thought. Which method of building do you think would be more efficient, the magical way or the n-muggle one?” He narrowly avoided saying No Maj at the last moment. Old habits die hard, he supposed. “What are some pros and cons to each?”

OOC: Thanks for sticking with us! Question 2 is up. You’ll have ABOUT 24 HOURS for this one. As always, catch-up posts are allowed.
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