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Originally Posted by SarcasticStrawberry View Post
Still disappointed and embarrassed just a bit. She really did think that she was just going to puck a fruit off of a painting to eat. Though now she was a little confused. The way he said ‘the painting’ made it sound like it was a special painting. Meaningful or important even. Maybe.

With that thought she smiled proudly. Whatever the reason why this was the painting she had found it. ”I dunno. Is there another painting of some kind of food, somewhere else?” Were there others hanging around that she hadn’t seen yet? She hadn’t noticed any others. Her eyes wandered down the corridor one way then the other. She didn’t see another good painting anywhere near by.

[I]HUH?!?![/B] He just asked her which fruit she tickled. ” I didn’t tickle any fruit.” She blinked at him even more confused than before. Maybe he didn’t see her actually try to pull the banana off the painting. ”What’s so special about it? What does it do?”
Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Callista was getting hungry for a snack and was really hoping she remembered exactly which fruit she needed to tickle. Although she supposed it was more like scratch n sniff but she didn't actually have to sniff it. Her older sister and brothers had tried to tell her all the secrets she would ever need to know.

Instead she was walking almost aimlessly toward the door when she saw a boy and a girl she remembered from being sorted. She wondered if they were trying to get into the kitchen too. "Hi." She gave a bright smile and a small wave, "You two trying to get into the kitchen?" She didn't want to join them unless they didn't mind. Her mom told her too many times to count that she needed to remember not everyone wanted to be her friend just because she wanted them to be... rude, right?
Was this the right painting? It didn't seem that this girl was all that sure about it and Wiley squinted slightly at the painting. "Umm, I'm not sure... but I didn't see another one, so I figured this must be the right one." But to be fair, he hadn't seen this one right away either until she reached past him to... oh. She hadn't tickled any fruit? Wiley was confused but maybe she just didn't know about the entrance to the kitchens. He sorta knew, but he still wasn't 100% sure.

Wiley was just about to explain all about the fruit bowl painting and what he thought you were supposed to do (he just couldn't remember which fruit), when another girl joined them asking about the kitchens. Had she heard about the painting too?

"Yep!" Wiley replied chipperly. "Just trying to figure out which fruit gets us in.." He turned back to Maisie to explain. "My dad said that to get into the kitchens, you need to tickle one of the fruits in the fruit bowl painting. Then it turns into a door knob." Or something like that. "I just can't remember which fruit it is... Do you know?" he asked the second girl that joined them. "I guess we can just try the different fruits till we pick the right one." As long as this really was the correct painting!
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