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The boys were not the only ones who were still getting used to the school. From the moment she arrived at Ilvermorny and had been sorted into Pukwudgie, Willow Twelvetrees made it a goal to explore every inch of the castle before the school year ended. Given the size of the castle, it was quite a task; however, she was quite confident in her skills. Mind you, at the turtle-speed pace she was going, it might take her much, much longer!

In fact, she had been sidetracked by all the flora present in the conservatory. Each one got a moment of appreciation from her: deep breaths in to take in their unique scent, a little caress with her stringy fingers, some were even serenaded with a little dreamy humming. But the sound of other voices did result in her abandoning her latest plant friend.

"Are you here to see the Flutterby bushes?" the first year's soft voice sounded out of the blue. She then revealed herself, pushing her way between two rather tall plants. A strand of her knotty dirty blonde hair stuck onto one of the large leaves. "They're quite beautiful. And they smell good too."

Oh. Pay no attention to her feet. Today was a no-socks-and-shoes day. Being able to wiggle her toes freely was quite a satisfying feeling.

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