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Logan was no stranger to the basement level. While there wasn't really much to see down there besides torches, several paintings of food, and stacks of barrels (which he would not be tap-tap-tapping again), he was a frequent visitor of the space. In fact, he showed his face often enough for the Hufflepuffs to be used to a Gryffindor roaming about this part of the castle.

To passersby, he flashed a smile as he moved toward one of his favourite portraits in the castle. The blond was not really all that impressed the first time he laid his eyes upon it; however, it was the room within that was of interest to him when he just could not wait until the next meal was being served in the Great Hall.

Should he have been heading off to class right now? Absolutely. Was he going to be arriving late? Most likely. Did he care? Not really. What mattered at this exact moment was fetching another a snack for himself, which was why he did not hesitate to tickle the pear.

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