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Atlas was starting to feel like he spent more time in this part of the castle than anywhere else at Hogwarts. Were he not so certain with his calling post-Hogwarts, he might feel bad about monopolizing so much of Professor Feirgrund's time. Actually, who was he kidding, he wouldn't feel bad about that even if he still felt adrift with his intentions. He was a little too optimistic to say that the seventh year was getting personal with the man, but there were the occasional slips into more sentimental avenues than purely aspiring inventor and possible entrepreneur topics. Especially when Atlas asked the not-so-occasional healer related question which, remarkably, also remained tucked away inside his noggin...if not with a couple of screws loose so said information rattled around a bit more than his other focuses.

Some of the healer advice had been put to good use today seeing as Freddie was stuck in bed with some cold or another that he had BETTER keep to himself. Sparing Freddie an additional blanket from his own bed to keep his friend all incubated and comfy, Atlas was ready to tackle today's lesson with double the notetaking if necessary. Not just to pass along to Freddie since he was missing class but, well, they were partners in a project and if they weren't consistently on the same page then the success of said project would be in jeopardy. So...not entirely a selfless act, but things rarely were.

Again, being quite over the mystery item reveal aesthetic of Hogwarts professors, Atlas only subtly rolled his eyes at them before his gaze settled on Professor Feirgrund and he actually smiled in greeting. "Good day, professor."



Moving to find a seat, the Gryffindor settled into one beside his latest co-portrait antagonizer (what had his name been again? It had started with a B if he recalled correctly). "Hey kid," he greeted coolly before getting his things out and arranging them in front of them just so.

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