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Sailor did not know what it meant to be 'such a Ravenclaw' but since he already was one, maybe she meant it was his whole existence. Which also did not make sense. But it meant that conversation like what they were having with all the five points were meant to fade, since it looked like Vera was zoning out. That's fair. Not everyone was built for it, and that's okay. Sailor had considered that a dropped subject by now. "I don't... estimate you." He felt that needed to be said. He neither under nor overestimated her. Simply, he was just in the 'such a Ravenclaw' zone. If there was anything about her he'd estimate, it was her height.



Boats. Honestly. "Right. Why didn't I think of that?" The Ravenclaw just could not help it. He rolled his eyes. Look, Vera, it was Sailor's turn to transport into another universe. Maybe they'd meet each other in Universe X if they did this together or something. But once he was able to regulate his judging face, Sailor took in Vera's story and nodded. He'd never look at the boathouse that way. Sentimental value, however, he figured held its own weight. As all Sailor Zhangs did, he tucked that information deep in his mind in the event he needed to find Vera, despite how unusual that would be. You'll never know. "Both, I think. Mostly eating. I wait tables in our restaurant, while my sister helps prep the food. Have you ever been to an Asian restaurant? Everything smells great, even more so the kitchen." Sailor liked the food here at Hogwarts too, but nothing beats food from home, prepared by his parents. It was comforting...not to be emotional or anything.

Though he was definitely stalling, Sailor still kept an eye on her. Being that deep in the muck looked uncomfortable and if Vera accidentally bellyflopped there, he wanted to be as far away as possible. He had his wand with him as well, to make sure that didn't happen. Imagine the mud tidal wave that would send. "It would help if you first checked the closest place you dropped it." Sailor didn't think mud flowed as well as water, anyway, so it would be close by at the very least.

With both shoelaces untied now, Sailor proceeded to slowly pull and adjust them so he could also slowly wiggle his foot out each shoe. How long has it been?
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