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SPOILER!!: Individual replies ^_^
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
It was very difficult for one not to be curious about the rather noticeable changes in the Transfiguration classroom. Not to mention there was something covered by cloth towards the back. Jude rather liked it when the professors took the time to pique his interest. “Hi, professor!” he greeted cheerily. Oh? Materials? They were going to be doing some creating today then? Jude knew better than to ask but instead read the list quickly before moving from box to box at Carton’s desk.

Arms loaded with the materials, the Hufflepuff moved off to find himself a place to sit. In the end, he settled for a workbench somewhere in the middle of the room. But yes, his brain was actively attempting to figure out what today’s lesson was about based on the materials collected.
Norman hadn’t been waiting long when the first student arrived. Someone was certainly cheerful this afternoon! “Hello, Mr. Anders,” he replied with a smile that matched the boy’s level of cheeriness.

Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Hope was still new enough to Hogwarts that any changes in the appearance of the classrooms failed to surprise her--everything was new and different as it was. But she was happy, and a little excited, at the instructions. "Good afternoon, Professor Carton. Are we going to be making something?" she greeted him, as she happily collected her supplies. Hope loved making things with her hands, she felt much more confident about that than some of the bookwork at Hogwarts.
Here was another cheerful student! Just the sort of attitude Norman liked to see… well, as much as he was capable of having any preference for emotions. “Good afternoon, Miss Archard,” he said, smiling slightly. “Yes, we are.” As to exactly what they were making, that would remain a mystery for now. He didn’t want to give too much away!

Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
"Hello, Professor Carton." Brandon tensed as he entered the classroom, thrown off by the difference setup. It was out of the usual. Not bad, but it made him more observant. This... this sounded like one of his sister's crazy surprise art ideas. "Are we doing an art project?" he asked carefully. He collected 1 large cardboard, 2 medium cardboards, 2 small cardboards, 4 pipe cleaners, and 20 buttons. Just like the instructions said. He took his place next to Jude, uneasily wondering what they were doing and how it was related to Transfiguration.

It could be fun. Or not. He hadn't decided yet... but he had good experiences with art projects. So he'd give it a shot.
Norman noticed the contrast in Fox’s demeanor compared to the previous two students, but he wasn’t fussed about it. “Hello, Mr. Fox,” he greeted, giving a barely perceptible nod in response to the question. “We might.” That was the only answer he could give without revealing the lesson subject early on!

Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

Freddie strutted in for another Transfiguration lesson. Though he wondered if he had entered a different class with the whole setup. But that thought washed away immediately with the sound of Professor's voice, "Hiya Professor Carton!" Beaming at bright as he felt today.

Now they just had to gather the materials. So he went over to pick xollect the correct amount of different-sized cardboard, pipe cleaners, and buttons each.

McLeod’s strutting did not go unnoticed. Norman was secretly amused, though he showed no outward sign of reaction. “Hello, Mr. McLeod,” he replied with a smile. Clearly someone was in a good mood today!

Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post
Another week…another transfiguration lesson.

Rajesh made his way to Carton’s classroom after lunch with plenty of time to spare, entering in to see then changes made. Seemed like they were definitely going to be having an interesting lesson. “Good afternoon, Professor,” he greeted the man at the front of the room. The seventh year depositing his bookbag on one of the workbenches before following his head of house’s instructions, gathering the listed materials from the various boxes on Professor Carton’s desk before returning to take a seat. Several cardboards, pipe cleaners, and buttons were added to wooden surface along with the parchment, quill and ink he took out of his bag.

Now to await what the lesson was all about…and what was hidden under the cloth at the back of the room.
Atreyu-Rehman’s arrival received a polite nod of acknowledgement from the professor. “Good afternoon, Mr. Atreyu-Rehman,” Norman replied, his eyes following the boy as he gathered his materials.

Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
Arts and crafts? Hmm. That was...different. Nancy was down to try anything the professor felt was useful for learning, though, especially since transfiguration was turning out to be one of her more difficult subjects. "Hello Professor Carton!" she said with a smile as she walked in and headed to his desk. She paused and stood on her tip toes to look in all the boxes, collecting each of the items outlined on the board.

Cardboard, medium cardboards, small cardboards, purple pipe cleaners because purple was her favorite and the handful of buttons she needed...check, check and check. Once she had everything, she headed to the back and situated herself at one of the desks, spreading her supplies out in front of her. She had literally NO clue where this could be going, but she was EXCITED to find out!
“Hello, Miss Schultz,” Norman greeted the next arrival, returning the girl’s smile with a slight one of his own. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed her color choice of pipe cleaners and vaguely wondered if there was some reason behind it. He didn’t have the heart to tell her that the colors wouldn’t matter!

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Relieved it was November and one of the absolute worst days of the year over, Atlas made his way to the Transfiguration classroom after spending entirely too much time in the Owlery sending off a couple (read: one) essential correspondences. Unaware that an owl or two had left him a couple of watery white presents in his hair and on the back of his robes just between his shoulder blades, the Gryffindor took a look at the board and all the props for the day. As tired as he was of the gimmick of a covered box to be revealed later, the Gryffindor was nonetheless intrigued by the rest of the materials along with the workstations and he actually felt hopeful that today's lesson just may be in his wheelhouse.

Not to jinx it or anything, the seventh year knocked on the wooden door a couple of times just in case and headed over to the vacant seat beside Freddie where he dropped his bookbag on the workstation with an unceremonious thump. It was a remarkably deeper sound than one would expect from a school bag but...never anyone mind about that.

Tucking his cardboard under one arm, pipe cleaners in his left hand and buttons in his right, Atlas offer Professor Carton and chill wave of the hand as a greeting before moving back to his seat and arranging all his pieces on his workstation. "I really hope we are turning this lot into metal and not wood," he whispered to Freddie. Though he would always prefer the real deal over transfigured items, it would still be nice for practicing techniques and builds.
"Hello, Mr. Flamsteed,” Norman greeted, acknowledging the Gryffindor’s wave with a polite nod. There were two things about the boy’s arrival that caught his attention. One was the unusual sound that his bookbag made when dropped, to which the professor paid little mind. As long as it didn’t cause distraction, the bag’s contents didn’t matter. The other thing he noticed was the white… substance on the boy’s hair and robes. Did he know that was there? Better tell him, just in case.

Crossing the room to Flamsteed’s workstation, he whispered, “You have something in your hair and in your robes, just so you know.” What the boy did with that information was his choice.

Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Transfiguration was a class that Keighley really enjoyed. Not that she was perfect in that class, in fact she had trouble with new specials quite regularly but that didn't keep her from paying very close attention and trying her best each lesson. Learning was why she was here in the first place.

With a bright smile and a spring in her step, the Hufflepuff walked into the room. "Good afternoon, Professor Carton!" Cue wiggly fingers in the mans direction as she bounced towards the front of the room to collect the days needed materials. Her gaze taking in the worktables as substitution for their usual desks and chairs. That was a little curious but not so much as to make her question it.

Without really much thought as to why yet, she collected 1 large cardboard, 2 medium ones and 2 small ones. Then she got herself four pipe cleaners, each different color. And lastly was the buttons, counting out around twenty different ones before taking everything to a work area nearest to her brother. A big smile was aimed right at Jude along with wiggly fingers. Hi, Juuuuuuuude!
Here was the other Anders, looking every bit as cheery as her brother! Norman returned her smile with one of his own, and the wiggly finger wave might have gotten a slight chuckle from him. “Good afternoon, Miss Anders,” he said.

Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
Yukie always took notice of any changes in the classroom setup, so to see some significant changes done to the Transfiguration classroom did make her mind zoom through the possibilities of what they would learn today. Especially without the desks! Were those workbenches? What's that thing hidden beneath the cloth at the back? She always hoped their lesson would be something that could help switch things up with her hair or something, but she'll take anything. Yukie had grown fond of transfiguration and charms class.

"Afternoon, professor!" Yukie greeted the Ravenclaw head of house with a smile and moved towards the boxes to collect her needed supplies and finding a workbench for herself. She went for twenty buttons because she was feeling it. Feeling maximum. Maybe they were going to make some art with all these.

Either way, the Hufflepuff was looking forward to it. Still curious about the hidden thing too.
Another cheerful Hufflepuff. Rasting’s arrival was likewise greeted with a smile from the professor. “Good afternoon, Miss Rasting,” Norman replied.

Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Entering the classroom, she didn't notice too much different from the usual set up - though perhaps the mess of boxes really should have been a clue in. She smiled at Professor Carton, offering a soft, "Hello, Professor." to her head of house before heading off in search of a work station. It was only after Mouse had seated herself that she realized the others had heard and were following the instructions to get materials together. Jumping back up, the girl scurried back to the front - carefully examining the list as she started with the smaller materials to slip into her robes pockets - selecting pipe cleaners in two different shades of purple, a red and a white, trying to coordinate her buttons in similar color as well. If they WERE making an art project, she was feeling Dr. Facilier vibes today.

With those all collected, she grabbed her boxes and headed back towards her work station, sending a small smile towards all the people she knew as she did so. All these supplies certainly had her intrigued for today's lesson.
Norman acknowledged Durand’s arrival with a slight smile and polite nod. “Hello, Miss Durand,” he replied, watching as she gathered her materials. Interesting color choices!

Following Durand’s arrival, Norman’s bluish-green eyes flicked toward the door, watching for any sign of stragglers in the hall. When there were none to be found, he pointed his wand at the door, and it closed with a soft click. He checked his watch: exactly 1:00. Perfect timing!

“Good afternoon, class. Let’s get started,” he addressed the group. He paused for a minute or two to allow time for the students to focus on him. “Here’s a hypothetical scenario for you: Imagine you’re stranded in the wilderness somewhere, and you need to build a shelter. How might you use magic to help you?”

As his eyes scanned the room, he noted the number of younger students present. “We won’t be reenacting that scenario,” he added with a slight reassuring smile. Just in case anyone was worried. “It’s just a question to get you thinking.”

OOC: Thanks for coming! Class has officially started. Feel free to jump in at any time. Just pretend your character has been here the whole time, unless you want IC consequences for a late arrival. We’ll move on in ABOUT 24 HOURS.
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