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Default Muggle Studies Lesson: Bounce

Located on the first floor is the classroom for Muggle Studies. It was November, the fun of Halloween long past in place of the next upcoming holiday. Entering in, the classroom looks fairly normal, aside from the many unlabeled boxes on the Professor's desk. Where's Professor Feirgrund at? Why he was right there in front of the desk where the boxes laid stacked waiting on the students to arrive. Take a gander, speculate, and find your seat before the lesson begins.

Where are we at?

Q1 - Greetings + First question.
Q2 - Second question + check out the item
A1 - What is the Pogo stick? Time to balance.
A2 - Pogo Hopping! Heading to the Corridor or Staying to practice?

OOC: Welcome! Class has already begun, but you can jump right in posting as if they were here all along. While this is the first RP class, IC-wise there have been many beforehand. Be sure to check the rules & canon info regarding this subject for extra OOC info.