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The french boy almost wished boyfriend had remained pouty, so that he had even more excuses to sneak in more kisses - but his thoughts were aligned with Jude on that. There would be plenty of time later. "Good, I'm glad." He grinned back at him. Davet wasn't in any type of a hurry for a longer commitment. They were together now, they were both young, and he was just happy to have this time with Jude now. Did he want to see it end? Absolutely not, but he knew there was a chance of that at any time and he had known that going into it. As long as at the end of everything, they could still be friends - he'd be fine.

Free pass on missteps? "Excellent. I'll obviously need it." He grinned, returning the quick kiss before chuckling. "I can also happily concede spot as favorite student for Keighley." Who he still owed ice cream, though from what he gathered she was rather busy as of late. Eventually.

"You adapt quickly or you get passed up for the role in my world." He chuckled, smiling back at the praise. The eyebrow waggle got another laugh too, and he spontaneously spun them so HE was the one able to see Jude in the mirror. "I think you were looking at the wrong guy." But then his attention went back to his feet, focusing on the steps he was supposed to actually be learning. "Okay, so step back and left." He processed the words for a moment, before giving a small decisive nod that he thought he understood and giving it a go. Moving his feet to the supposed spots, he glanced down only to see if he had moved the left out far enough - though it appeared to be a little too short. "They need to be a little farther apart still don't they?"

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