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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
What a perfect day!

The thought repeated in Jude’s mind like a mantra. With an elbow propping his chin up, he stared out into the distance. He wasn’t lost in thought or having a moment or anything of the sort. No, Jude was just using this time to just be. Sometimes this went a long way in keeping one’s sanity intact. The light breeze that blew by ruffled the fringes resting on his forehead. As much as Jude didn’t want to think about anything in particular, it was a difficult thing for him to just switch his brain off in that aspect. So, he found himself delving into a mental checklist about all the things that needed to be prioritised - like that DADA essay and Muggle Studies homework. Also, he needed to get more of his dance practice in. With Reagan having graduated last term, he’d lost his regular dance partner. Maybe Keighley would want to help out.

Then, just like that, he was daydreaming about life at WADA.
With every minute of studying that went by, Dafydd could swear that his brain was slowly but surely becoming mush. While this wasn't OWL year and the course load was significantly less, the stakes were still just as high. With it being his last year, the stress about NEWTs was already at the forefront of his mind and he needed top scores to get into the Pre-Healer program.

Not one to let himself get all worked up, he packed up his things and went for a little stroll, his destination being the stone bridge for the view and its access to other parts of the castle that he'd need to go to eventually. As soon as he pushed open the door and the fresh air hit his nostrils, he knew that this brain break was definitely the right choice to make.

Right away he took note that he hadn't been the only one who was due for a break from classwork. Seeing a familiar face, Dafydd did not hesitate to meander over to his friend. "Needed some fresh air too?" he asked him in Welsh.

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