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SPOILER!!: Yukie! <3
Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
Perfect? Oh well, that's lovely! Except Yukie wasn't sure what she did or said to have merited such a compliment, but nevertheless she smiled. "Perfect for what?" The littlest Rasting asked, but then faded a little since it looked like Jude was busy and she never wants to be a bother. She waited for him to finish his thing and ate a spoonful of her cereal, not wanting it to get soggy. "Good morning. Happy Sunday!" She smiled and greeted him with the same energy.

Oh, he wrote song lyrics! Yukie knew she shouldn't be surprised. Jude was a talented musician, if his piano skills were any indication of that, so it wasn't so far-fetched that he could write too. "I didn't know you wrote songs, but you're welcome! Do I get a hint on what you're working on?" Yukie teased, wiggling her brows at him and also shoveling another spoonful of cereal into her mouth. She wouldn't mind if he wanted to keep it a secret, but it was still worth the try to ask. "I'll take a walk outside after breakfast, and then sneak into the kitchens to check on the cookie dough I left overnight." And bake it, obviously, but it goes without saying. Yukie Selina Rasting always baked. "We can go for a walk together if you want. Maybe it'll help with the inspiration."

As if Yukie could EVER be a bother.

Especially since they were matching energies on this fine Sunday morning. Yukie’s bubbliness actually made him feel even happier in that moment. That was the amazing thing about empaths: they could certainly absorb the moods/energies from others and an empath was what Jude was.

“I don’t. Not really? This is only my third attempt and it’s only because my brother asked me to. He’s a really talented musician and the songs he writes are brilliant. Trying to live up to that is… something.” Not to mention Koen had been in a band since during his days at Hogwarts. “But I’m managing,’’ Jude added cheerfully, confident in what he was doing. Jude wiggled his brows right back. “Maaaybe,’’ he teased before nodding. “A motivational song. For those bad days, you know?” The older Puff took the same moment as Yukie and her cereal to have more eggs. “Brilliant idea! I would love that! Early morning walks are the best. Also, I have a question. Are cookie doughs usually left overnight?” Had he been doing his occasional cookie baking wrong all these years?! Who better to seek clarity from than from the Baking Queen herself?
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